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Vacuum filter
The vacuum filter is specially designed to solve the problem that the filtration oil is difficult to filter and the oil residue is difficult to handle. No salt water or other substances are added, and the positive pressure filtration method is adopted.
Equipment principle:
The vacuum filter is a device that realizes solid-liquid separation by using vacuum negative pressure as a driving force. In the structure, the filter section is arranged along the horizontal length direction, and the operations of filtering, washing, sucking, and filter cloth regeneration can be continuously performed.
Device parameters:

Model GLJZ-60
Rated flow rate 5m³/h
Working pressure 2mpa
Import and export pipe diameter 50mm
Effective filtration area 100cm²
Powe 11kw
Size 307*484mm
Weight 200kg

The filter has the advantages of high filtration efficiency, large production capacity, good washing effect, low filter cake moisture, flexible operation and low maintenance cost. The filter is a device for filtering edible oil, filtering rapeseed, peanut, soybean, sesame and other oil materials, multi-purpose machine, fully automatic operation mode, fast speed, necessary equipment for filtering oil residue in small and medium oil mill, 3-5 minutes directly Filtration, clean, a small amount of wearing parts, economical and practical filtration equipment.
Filter notes:
The temperature of the 1 filtered oil is about 70 degrees.
2 The longer the oil filter machine stops during the actual operation, the better the filtration effect. The more uniform the oil and water mix, the better the filtration effect.
3 When the new machine is tested, it will filter 10 kg of oil at a time.
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