Transformer Manufacturing Equipment Multi-Layer Hot Press Machine, Pressboard

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Working Environment Temperature

Supply Voltage
380V±10% 50Hz

Medium of Hydraulic System
Yb-N46# Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil

Cutter Speed—cutting

Cutter Speed Back

Adjustable Angle of Cutter

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Shandong China

HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description


Machine usage

The equipment is mainly used to press various wood-based panels with thick finished products and high requirements for unit surface pressing of slabs, such as blockboard, brown pad, insulating paperboard, etc.
for transformer manufacturing

It is characterized by a frame structure, high strength and good rigidity; The rack group is processed as a whole to ensure high geometric accuracy after combination. The oil cylinder adopts a V-shaped fabric rubber sealing ring with a good sealing effect. The heating channel in the hot pressing plate adopts a double circulation oil channel, which is reasonably arranged to make the hot pressing plate temperature rise quickly and evenly. It is controlled by instrument + relay, with intuitive and simple operation and high pressure and temperature control accuracy. The pressure value can be set arbitrarily, closed-loop control, and the accuracy is ≯ 5%. The hot pressing cycle and heating temperature can be adjusted according to the pressing process.

Machine service conditions:
Working environment temperature: 0 ºC – 40 ºC
Altitude: no more than 1000M
Relative humidity: no more than 85%
Power supply voltage: 380V ± 10%, 50Hz
The medium used in the hydraulic system: yb-n46# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Main feature

1. Adopting imported sealing ring.
2. working layers can be 6
3. Hotpress plate is made of the whole integral hot-rolled steel plates with one-time processing, which greatly improves the working life.
4. It has to prevent overvoltage devices, which can reduce scrap rate caused by human negligence
5. Standard instrument + relay control, intuitive and simple operation, high accuracy of pressure and temperature control. The pressure value is arbitrarily set, closed-loop control, accuracy_5%;
6. The temperature of each hot-pressing plate is independently controlled by a steam valve to ensure reliable and stable process quality. Temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 20~150 degrees.
7. There are evenly distributed pipes in the hot pressing plate, which are used for circulating heating through superheated steam or oil.
8. It has an independent cooling circuit, which can cool the hot-pressing plate and shorten the process cycle.

Product Parameters

hot-press plate specification
(L W H)mm
Unit pressure
Nominal closing force
working pressure
Number of cylinders  Layer spacing
Number of layers control mode
JHR-3500×3500 3500x3500x120 3.51 4300 20.7 8  200 3~6 PLC+
JHR-3200×3200 3200x3200x100 3.41 3500 19.2 8  200 5~6 PLC+
JHR-3000×3000 3000x3000x100 3.33 3000 22.6 6 200 5~6 PLC+
JHR-2600×2600 2600x2600x90 4.14 2800 21 6 200 5~6 PLC+
JHR-2200×2500 2200x2500x90 3.63 2000 20.3 6 200 3~5 PLC+
JHR-2200×2200 2200x2200x90 4.13 2000 20.3 4 200 3~5 PLC+
JHR-1600×3100 1600x3100x90 4.03 2000 19.3 6  200 6~8 PLC+
JHR-1800×2100 1800x2100x90 3.97 1500 19 4 200 4~5 PLC+
JHR-1500×2100 1500x2100x80 3.8 1200 18.9 4 200 4 PLC+
JHR-1500×1500 1500x1500x80 3.55 800 17.5 2 200 4 PLC+
JHR-1200×1500 1200x1500x70 3.33 600 18 2 200 4 PLC+

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