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  1. Product features and features:
This product uses high-strength light bar to fix the upper beam and the work surface to make it a high-rigid frame structure. It is driven by Panasonic servo motor. And the servo motor drives the beam to move up and down through the transmission mechanism to realize the test loading process.
It is mainly used for testing various mechanical properties of various metals, non-metals and composite materials. The sophisticated automatic control and data acquisition system enables full digital adjustment of the data acquisition and control process. In the tensile test, the maximum tensile force, tensile strength, elongation deformation, elongation and other technical indicators of the material are tested. After the test is completed, the microcomputer controller automatically calculates according to the test parameter conditions set at the beginning of the test, and displays the corresponding test results and automatically saves them; each test parameter can be queried after the test is over.
  1. Product structure and performance:
Host structure:
The high-strength light bar is used to fix the upper beam and the work surface to form a high-rigid frame structure, which is driven by a domestic servo motor, and the domestic servo motor and AC servo speed control system are installed under the workbench. The servo motor drives the beam up and down through the transmission mechanism to realize the test loading process.
System composition:
It consists of high-precision sensors, high-precision electronic extensometers (optional), servo motors, dedicated independent controllers, dedicated measurement and control software, and HP mainstream brand microcomputers to form measurement calculation and automatic control systems.
SmartTest English version of the special measurement and control software
SmartTest (electronic) English version of the special measurement and control software has a multi-functional software package, according to the requirements of different industry users to select the appropriate test software to meet the testing standards of various industries, with modular, open design, not only provides GB, ASTM, DIN, The basic test results commonly used in ISO, JIS and other standards, users can also design different calculation formulas according to their own needs, solve the required results, and provide test report templates that users can freely design formats to meet user personality. Test report on the style of demand. The user interface supports the Windows operating system,
  1. Operation interface: The operation interface is simple and easy to understand with the English display ;
2. Device management functions: device parameter setting, device online or offline management, controller parameter setting, PID parameter online or offline adjustment, sensor direction identification, sensor default calibration, sensor calibration, sensor verification, etc.
  1. Guided program editing: By editing the operation plan, various control modes such as force control, displacement control and deformation control can be combined to meet the requirements of any static test operation. Test parameters such as operating parameter settings, sample parameter settings, operating condition settings, and test result project management can be set. It can carry out test operation management, such as starting test operation, test operation process management, test status management and indication display management;
4. Support data uploading system: Bring more than 20 kinds of domestic common data uploading interfaces, and have extended support functions;

5. Curve management and analysis:
During the test run, the test process is displayed in real time through a single or multiple graph curve;
In the non-test running state, single or multiple test curves are displayed by query mode;
Curve coordinates can be preset or set online;
Test data can be traversed by curves;
The curve can be panned, scaled, etc.
Feature points can be displayed on the curve, and feature points can be modified and saved;
Curves can be printed independently or embedded in test reports
6. Test data automatic storage function: The test data is automatically stored to avoid the loss of test data due to unplanned downtime.
7. Test data query function: Quickly query previously completed test data according to test time, test plan and other conditions.
8. Test report:
Query and search management test data through test data files;
Set the content and format of the customized test report through the report template;
By editing formulas and result items, support for most test standards and test methods can be achieved;
After loading one or more test data files, generate a test report according to the report template, and print out the output;
Support for Word and DxcDl report templates and free editing;

  1. Product standard technical parameters:
1. Maximum stretching/compression space:1100mm;
2. Maximum stroke of the beam: 1000mm
3. Maximum test force: 5000N;
4. Test machine grade: 1;
5. Test force measurement range: 2% – 100% FS;
6. Test force measurement accuracy: ±1%;
7. Test force resolution: 1/500000 of full scale (only one resolution for full scale, no shift);
8. Displacement measurement accuracy: ±1%;
9. Displacement measurement resolution: 0.001mm / 0.001μm;
10. Deformation measurement accuracy: ±1%;
11. Deformation measurement resolution: 0.001mm;
12. Displacement control speed range: 0.001 ~ 500mm / min;
13. Displacement control rate accuracy: within ±1.0% of the set value when the rate is <0.01 mm/min;
When the rate is ≥0.01 mm/min, within ±0.2% of the set value;
14. Stress, strain control rate adjustment range: 0.005 ~ 5% FS / S;
15. Stress and strain control rate adjustment accuracy:
when the rate is <0.05% FS, it is within ±2% of the set value;
When the rate is ≥0.05% FS, it is within ±0.5% of the set value;
16. Host size: 420 × 275 × 1480mm;
17. Weight: 150kg;
18. Power: 0.4kW;
19. Power supply: single phase 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;
20. Environmental requirements: no vibration, no dust; room temperature 10 ° C ~ 35 ° C; humidity ≤ 80%;
No vibration around, no corrosive medium, no strong magnetic field interference;

V. Product configuration:
 (1) Host part:
1. High precision load cell
2. Servo motor and controller
3. Precision ball screw pair
4. Photoelectric encoder
5. Timing belt system
6. Measurement and control software: SmartTest;
7. Desktop computer
8. Printer
 (2) Test attachments:
1. A set of corrugated attachments: manual;
(3) Attachments
1. Instruction manual: including instructions for use, packing list, warranty certificate, certificate of factory inspection, etc.;
2. Software User’s Manual: 1 set with paper version and 1 set of software backup disc;
3. Attachments such as computer and printer purchased products, etc.: several copies;



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