Screw Oil Press Machine Soybean Oil Presser Peanut Oil Extractor Coconut Oil Making Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.
ZX85 ZX105 ZX125 ZX130 ZX150

60-80 Kgs/H

1.4-2 T/ 24hrs

5.5 Kw-4p

260 Kgs

Transport Package
Wooden Cases




HS Code

Production Capacity
500 Sets/Months

Product Description

Product Description

Coconut Oil Making Machine is processed by a one-time molding process. The inner surface is finely polished, easy to clean, eliminates dead spots, and ensures that the material organization structure is not damaged. The press plate, barrel and frame of the Coconut Oil Making Machine are made of high quality acid and alkali resistant stainless steel.he Coconut Oil Making Machine uses hydraulic pressing to remove moisture from coconut, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. In addition, it is easy to operate, sturdy and durable, easy to maintain and so on. Compared with ordinary product on the market, it has the advantage of large pressing force and high production efficiency. The base of the pressure plate adopts special process ultra-flat, making it continuous and stable ,Suitable for squeezing various vegetable oils such as rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut kernel, flax seed, tung seed, sunflower seed and palm kernel

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Product Parameters

1. The feeding mechanism of this machine is changed to a V-belt wheel and equipped with a tensioning wheel mechanism, which can adjust the tightness of the V-belt at any time to make the feeding more stable.

2. The gear box adopts helical gear design, which makes the screw shaft press more stable, high transmission efficiency and low noise

3. Reasonable structure, large production capacity, low residual oil, simple operation and other performances are better than other similar products

Item Specification

ZX85 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 60-80   kgs/h

Capacity: 1.4-2   T/ 24hrs

Power: 5.5   kw-4P

Size:   1200*400*900mm

Weight: 260 kgs

ZX105 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 150-200   kgs/h

Capacity: 3.5-5   T/ 24hrs

Power: (7.5-11   kw)-6P

Size: 1600*700*1350mm

Weight: 530 kgs

ZX125 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 210-300   kgs/h

Capacity: 4-7   T/ 24hrs

Power: 15 kw-4P

Size:   1850*700*1350mm

Weight: 580 kgs

ZX128 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 300-375   kgs/h

Capacity: 7-9   T/ 24hrs

Power: 15 kw-6P

Size: 2000*800*1170mm

Weight: 720 kgs

ZX130 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 450-500   kgs/h

Capacity: 10-12   T/ 24hrs

Power: 18.5   kw-6P

Size:   2010*800*1380mm

Weight: 820 kgs

ZX150 Screw Oil Press


Speed: 750-850   kgs/h

Capacity: 16-20   T/ 24hrs

Power: 30 kw-6P

Size:   2180*790*1790mm

Weight: 1060   kgs

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Packaging & Shipping

•Delivery date: about 20 working days after payment.

•package: Environmental protection wooden box, in order to avoid machine damage during long-distance transportation

• FOB: Ning bo Port

Company Profile

Our advantage
1. There are many types of machines, you can choose according to the actual situation of the customer

2. The machine suitable for him can be customized according to customer requirements

3. All parts are produced in our own factory to ensure quality

4. The factory has a history of 40 years, has rich manufacturing experience and understands market demand

5. The product has passed ISO9001 certification and CE certification and other quality certifications

6.Quality warranty one years, free replace. Whole life after sale service provided.

7.Experienced engineer team, professional R&D and Q&C, every parts made by our own.

8. Oil press Annual production output reaches 5,000 sets

9.Fast delivery within 15days.


Q1:What is a screw press?

A1: A machine that separates oil from raw materials through purely physical screw extrusion.

Q2:What is a screw press?

A2: A machine that separates oil from raw materials through purely physical screw extrusion.

Q3:What are the advantages of the round-row screw press compared to the bar-row screw press?

A3:The oil press is composed of strips and round rows. Its advantage lies in high pressure and high oil output and thin cake.

Q4:What raw materials can be squeezed by an oil press?

A4:Granular, oily plant seeds or pulp (the raw material is best to be dehulled);

Chemical raw materials: such as cashew nut shells