Quality Assurance Sunflower Seeds and Peanut Oil Presser with Easy Operation with Excellent Supervision

Basic Info.

Model NO.
Fire & Gas type ZCW63/GCW100/115/125

Heating Type

Cooking Oil Factory

Applicable Materials
Nuts Corn Vegetables Soybeans Sesame

Transport Package
Plywood Case




Product Description

Product Description


This machine is small in size, compact structure, easy to cook, make material evenly turning
according to thermo-regulator, They can be used to cook all kinds of plant oil seeds.
This kind of machine has many advantages:using the heating element to heat, fast to
warming.It is barrel shaped with seal and words by rolling so that the heat is distributed evenly
while heat loss is minimal, energy saving and environmental protection, process production.
The motor is equipped with forward, rewind controller and temperature regulator, it is
convenient to cook and takeout the materials.Cylinder and crushing plant using variable
speed to fit drying requirement, and can be adapted to a variety of different materials such as
rapeseed, sunflower, peanut, sesame, etc.


Detailed Photos


Modle Capacity Power Weight size Gas Consumption
80-130 kg/h (120-150ºC)
160-260 kg/h (80-100ºC)
0.75 kw-6P 320 kg 1200*760*1100mm  3 m3/h
GCW100 150-200 kg/h (120-150ºC)
300-400 kg/h (80-100ºC)
1.1 kw-6P 400 kg 1450*820*1100mm 4.5 m3/h
GCW115 220-250 kg/h (120-150ºC)
450-500 kg/h (80-100ºC)
1.5 kw-6P  520 kg 1800*1130*1450mm 6.6 m3/h
GCW125 300 kg/h (120-150ºC)
600 kg/h (80-100ºC)
1.5 kw-6P 630 kg 1800*1150*1990mm 9 m3/h


Product Parameters

      the sunflower seeds are steamed and fried in a

drum Roasting, they are put into the oil press. After

being squeezed out, the oil yield is higher when they

are cooked, and the hot pressed oil is more fragrant.



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