Plywood Hot Press Machine in Plywood Production Line

Basic Info.

Model NO.
Plywood Hot Press Machine


Layer Space

Size of Hot Platen

Heating Medium
Steam or Thermal Oil

Total Weight


Transport Package
Plywood Pallet



Linyi Shandong China

Production Capacity
3000 Pieces/Year

Product Description

Yihe machinery brand plywood  hot press machine.

      Plywood hot press is one of the main equipment in the plywood production process.It is the equipment for hot pressing of the board salb after the glue combination.The different types of plywood has different repuirements on the performance of the press:ordinary plywood,aero plywood,plastic panel,wood laminated plastic board and ship plywood are required to increase the pressure in turn.Plywood hot pressconsists of three parts:the hot press main machine,the control drive part (hydraulic systerm and electriccontrol systerm),and the heating systerm.

Technical parameters:

Pressure 500T 500T 800T
Board feeding direction transverse transverse transverse
Layer 12 15 10
Layer space 70mm 70mm 100mm
Hot platen quantity 13 16 11
Hot platen size 1370*2700*42mm 1370*2700*42mm 1370*2700*52mm
Hot platen inside pipeline Two inlet and two outlet Two inlet and two outlet Two inlet and two outlet
Cylinder Ø360mm*2pcs Ø360mm*2pcs Ø260mm*6pcs
Cylinder stroke 840mm 1050mm 1050mm
Cylinder brand WUXI brand and solid body WUXI brand and solid body WUXI brand and solid body
Allowed pressure ≤25mpa ≤25mpa ≤25mpa
Flow of high pressure pump 250x2pcs 250x2pcs 400x2pcs
Allowed pressure 3Mpa 3Mpa 3Mpa
Motor power 11kw*2pcs 11kw*2pcs 18.5kw*2pcs
Flow of high pressure pump 25ml/rx1pcs 25ml/rx1pcs 25ml/rx1pcs
Allowed pressure 25mpa 25mpa 25mpa
Motor power 7.5kw*1pcs 7.5kw*1pcs 11kw*1pcs
Controlling methods automatic hydraulic stations automatic hydraulic stations automatic hydraulic stations
Up and down beam height 900mm 900mm 1000mm
Middle beam 400mm 400mm 400mm
Main steel plate thickness 35mm 35mm 45mm
Heating medium thermal oil or steam thermal oil or steam thermal oil or steam
Total weight of this machine 29Ton 33Ton 33Ton
Dimension 3800x1370x3586mm 3800x1370x3942mm 3800x1370x3602mm


  • The main frame is welded by good standard steel plate,good structure,proper design,rigidity and strength is big,and can endure the big pressure.
  • Models specifications,Customers can choose according to their own situation
  • Microcomputer control,easy to operate and long life working.
  • Hydraulic control system is made by good quality hydraulic unit,fast press accurate press,high efficiency.
  • Hot press is the main equipment for plywood,block board,bamboo plywood,decorative and fancy plywood.


Hot platen:

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