Oil-Pressure Wall Pressing Machine for Shoe

Basic Info.

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Wenzhou China

HS Code

Production Capacity
1500-2000 Pairs Per Shift

Product Description

I. General
1. Application scope
This machine is applicable for pressing and processing the upper and sole of leather shoes, sneakers and sport shoes, etc. to firmly stitch the sole with the upper.  
2. Structure characteristics
This machine is composed of pressure foot self balancing mechanism, pressing mechanism, oil pressure system, electric control system and machine frame, working independently in double service positions. All parts can finish the pressing automatically as long as you select the work mode, adjust the necessary pressure (adjusted well when delivery and adjustment is not necessary generally), put the shoes with shoe last in the work groove and trod the pedal switch. The machine has such characteristics as wide application, good pressing quality, high manufacturing efficiency, easy operation and long service life, which is called universal upper and sole pressing machine.
3. Technical parameters
Total power 2.2KW
System pressure 45kg/cm2
Pressing pressure 30kg/cm2
Edge pressing pressure                                        15kg/cm2
Max. pressing height (front presser foot) 150mm
(back presser foot) 260mm
Productivity 1500~2000 pairs per shift
Dimensions (W×H) 1050×1000×1900mm

II. Installation and debugging
1. Installation

  1. Place the machine firmly and unshakably at proper position by lowering the arm-brace.
  2. Open the back panel and oil tank cover board and feed 100 kilos of 46# hydraulic oil or 20# machinery oil.

     3) Connect the machine to three-phase 380V power supply and a zero line (black wire to be connected with zero line) and the machine housing to ground.
2. Debugging

    1. Connect with power supply and turn on power switch, then push down starting switch to start machine, observing that whether the turning direction of motor and oil pump is the same as that indicated on oil pump. If they turn in the opposite direction, just exchange the position of any two of the three-phase electric wires, and then cover back the oil tank cover board and back panel.(Whether the turning is correct can also be determined by the way of working, e.g. if the machine works after starting the foot switch 2, it means the turning is correct; otherwise, the turning is reverse, and position of any two of the three-phase wires should be exchanged.)
    2. Put the shoes with last into the working groove 12, adjust the position of front/back presser feet according to the length of the shoes, and then choose working state, lacing return time and booster time separately on electric control panel 22. Observe whether the actual working state is in conformity with the chosen state and whether the pressure is in conformity with technical parameter standard by starting foot switch 1. E.g., if choosing "Edge Pressing" for working legend, "ON" for "fore/aft lacing", "Working" for "replacing rubber for edge pressing", "ON" for "secondary pressurization", "Pressurization before shaping", "Repressurization after shaping", and setting the lacing return time to 0.4s and booster time to 3s, the upper presser foot will swing to vertical position and the master cylinder will rise rapidly to press against the shoes by starting foot switch 1. (The front/back presser feet can automatically adjust the height by way of the self balancing mechanism.) Afterwards, fore/aft lacing oil cylinder will work to lace and fix the shoes. The master cylinder presses for 7 times and starts pressurization with pressing pressure of 35kg/cm2. At that time, 18 small rubber blocks on the left and right are rapidly pushed to the both sides of the shoes under the function of oil pressure with edge pressing pressure of 30kg/cm2 and the master cylinder starts repressurization for 3s with pressing pressure 35kg/cm2. After 3s of repressurization, rubber blocks for edge pressing will rapidly return to original position. After a certain distance kept for fore/aft lacing, the master cylinder will start repressurization again. When the master cylinder and upper presser foot reset, the working process is completed. If separately choosing "OFF" for "repressurization after fore/aft lacing" and "repressurization after shaping", namely, there will be no the above corresponding actions. If choosing "OFF" for "secondary pressurization", the edge pressing pressure will be 20kg/cm2 (primary pressure). To replace damaged rubbers, just choose "Replacement" for "replacing rubber for edge pressing". The working process will proceed in accordance with what you choose if other two legends are selected.
    3. Generally, it is not required to adjust the operation system for it has been set before leaving the factory. To adjust the pressure according to the actual condition, adjust the front lower side of the machine to slightly adjust pressure control valve handle according to the attached Figure 1. Turn clockwise and the pressure will rise, vice versa. Fasten the pressure control valve handle and locking nut upon the completion of pressure adjustment.
    4. After finishing debugging as per each working state, the eclectic motor stop switch shall be turned off before closing the power supply. By this time, debugging is completed. (Warning: Do not cut off power supply until each action resets.)
    5. Upper-sole pressing can be started upon the completion of debugging. Turn on power switch and electric motor starting switch to set the desired pressing state. Put the shoes to be pressed in the working tank 12, and start foot switch 1. A series of pressing process will be automatically finished according to the set requirement. Then take out the pressed shoes and a cycle of pressing work is completed. In case of improper placing of the shoes, or other emergency occurs, depress the red mushroom-shaped emergency switch on the worktable to stop and reset each mechanism.

III. Attentions
1. Check whether there is electric leakage before connecting with power supply, and connect with the zero line to avoid electric shock.
2. Stretching hands or other body parts into the working area is prohibited during operation to avoid personal injury.
3. Power supply shall be cut off when the machine is out of work or production.
4. For the sake of safety, manual working mode is recommended.

IV. Maintenance

  1. Keep the machine clean and prevent from dust or foreign objects.
  2. The machine shall not be placed with the devices with dust.
  3. Regularly check the oil inside the machine, and timely complement in case of insufficient oil.
  4. Replace the hydraulic oil that has been used for total 5,000 hours. Clean away the dirt deposited inside the oil tank before adding new oil.


V. General malfunction and troubleshooting

1. Upper pressure swings too fast or slowly after starting the foot switch. Please readjust according to attached Fig. 1.

  1. Master cylinder rises too slowly or fast, which is caused for system flux is adjusted too small or large.
  2. Master cylinder doesnt rise, which is caused for the system pressure is adjusted too low. Please adjust to higher system pressure.
  3. Some state doesnt work and its corresponding solenoid valve is blocked during operation. Please remove and clean.
  4. If pressing pressure doesnt rise, hydraulic control one-way valve is blocked, relief valve is damaged or seal ring is of oil leakage, please remove and clean it.
  5. Vibration and noise, oil level is too low or filter is covered with too much dust or impurities, they cause to the air sucked into machine. Please add oil or rinse oil filter. Replace damaged oil pump.


1. Excellent performance

2. Easy to operate and durable!

3. No electricity waste.

4. The market responds well

5. The price is competitive.

Sincerely welcome your purchase, we will give you the best quality.
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