Oil/Gas Pipeline 3lpe/2PE/PP Pipe Inner&Outer Anticorrosion Coating Machinery

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Oil/gas pipeline 3LPE/2PE/PP pipe inner&outer anticorrosion coating machinery 

Steel pipe anti-corrosion coating production line is used for anti-corrosion coating steel pipe with diameter from 57mm to 1220mm, which are widely used in varieties of engineering construction, especially in the heating, gas, oil industry.
This line can be applied to FBE, 2 layer FBE, 2 layer PE, 2 layer PP, and 3 layer PE anti-corrosion coating.

3 layer PE anti-corrosion coating consists of first FBE coating, a middle adhesive layer, and an outer polyethylene layer.
The three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion coating is an advanced technology as the outer protective layer of buried pipe, widely used in the anti-corrosion of gas and oil transmission pipeline, urban gas supply, water supply pipe, and other fluid transmission pipelines. 3 layer PE anti-corrosion coating can strengthen the pipeline’s mechanical properties with high electrical resistance, waterproof, wearable, and anti-aging performance.

Production range: Pipe diameter 32mm-325mm
The anti-corrosion coating processing line includes:
-steel pipe transmission system
-surface treatment system
-pipe dust removal system
-pipe heating system
-electrostatic spraying system
-coating system
-water cooling system
-end cutting system
-hydraulic and pneumatic system
-testing system
-electronic control system.

Technological processes
Upload pipesscrew conveyorrust removal intermediate frequency heatingEpoxy powder coating Adhesive&polyethylene coatingcooling spraypipes screw conveyorgrinding pipes endunload pipes

Main Equipment of 3PE anti-corrosion coating processing

No. Name Set
A. Derusting Equipment                                          
1 Pipe-conveying Equipment 1
2 Shot Blast Cleaning Machine 1
3 Cyclone Dust Collector 1
4 Pulse dust collector 1
5 Centrifugal exhaust fan 1
6 Rust removal equipment PLC 1
B. Coating equipment
1 Coating transfer equipment 1
2 IF heating device 1
3 Powder spraying device 1
4  Automatic loading dryer 2
5 SJ-65/30 Extruder 1
6 SJ-180/30 Extruder 1
7 Hot melt adhesive extruder die 1
8 PE sheet extruder head mold 1
9 Hot melt adhesive/PE sheet coating device 1
10 Environmental Protection Ventilation equipment 1
11 Cooling Spray equipment 1
C.Platform Equipment
1 Steel pipe platform 1
2 Post-rust removal transition platform 1
3 Product tube storage platform 1
4 Hydraulic Equipment 3
D.Groove Equipment
1 PE Beveling Machine 2
2 Hydraulic Lifting and Turning Machinery 1
3 Hydraulic Equipment 1
4 PLC 1
E.Compressed air Equipment
1 Screw Air Compressor 1
2 Cold dry machine 1
3 Precision filters 3
4 Gas tanks 1

Questions & Answers
Q1. Which range of pipe diameter the equipment can process?
A: Diameter of steel Pipe: 32-325mm, 114-1220mm
Q2. Which grade is the sandblasting?
A: SA2.5
Q3. Which standards can the processed coating meet?
A: It can meet SY/T0413-2002, GB/T23257-2009, German DIN 30670, DIN 30678, and coating specification requirements from American Corrosion Association, and DNV. The product pipe fully complies with SY/T0315-2005, CNPC38-2002 "Technical specifications for double-layer fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating on buried steel pipe and Canada, American Corrosion Association standards.
Q4. How about the Delivery Time?
A: 2-3monthes after deposit.
Q5.How about the production capacity?
A: It is a different output capability for different pipe diameters. The common capacity is 3 to 8 km/day.
Q6. Which coating thickness can the line process? 
A: 80~800um
Q7. To which countries did you sell your 3PE equipment? 
A. We have delivered nearly 50sets 3PE processing lines at home and abroad, such as Russia, Iran, UAE, Iran, India, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and so on.
Q8. Which After-sales service do you offer? 
A: 1. Before delivery, all the equipment must be trial operated to confirm the effectiveness perfectly. 2. The warranty period for the mechanical parts is 12 months from the date of pick-up, and 6 months for the electrical parts.
We provide technical support and provides training and guidance service to the operators.


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