Hydraulic Press Mechanism for Oil Press Sunflower Sesame Seeds Oil Making Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.



Stainless Steel

11 Kgs Per Hour

Cold & Hot Pressing Machine

Machine Weight
1500 Kgs

12 Months

Oil Extraction Rate

Rotate Speed
15 R/Min

Transport Package
Wooden Case

1350*900*1700 mm


HS Code

Product Description

Product Description


1. The automatic hydraulic oil press is a small oil press with simple operation, high oil output rate and less replacement of wearing parts. It is an advanced equipment for manual operation of replacing small grinding
sesame oil. (2-8 kg / time), short time (8 – l2 minutes / time). The main processing oil crops of this machine are: sesame, walnut kernel, tea seed, pine seed (good peeling effect), almond and other high oil crops.

2. Squeezing range: all oil-bearing crops.Such as sunflower seeds,peanuts, soybean, rapeseed, sesame seed, walnut, almond, multiple cro pping oil seeds, cottonseed, prickly ash seed, phoenix tree seed, beans, peas,
garbanzo beans, and seeds of argan,nuts of apricot and so on, castor etc.

3.The whole machine is mainly composed of three parts:

1. Main body 2. Transmission hydraulic pressure 3. Electrical control is described

1) Main body part: It is made up of bottom plate, column, upper slab, squeegee assembly, connection Oil pan, nut and other parts are one of the main parts of the whole machine. The oil is pushed in the press assembly and pushed upward by the force of the cylinder assembly. The oil flows down from the squeezed oil flow joint and passes through the oil pan. Oil storage tank.

2) Transmission hydraulic part: This is the main working power source for the production of high oil rate.
It is driven by transmission shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, high pressure pump, overflow valve, manual
control valve, cylinder assembly and pipe joint. And other parts.This machine adopts advanced hydraulic pump
station-Korea three-piston pump station.Compared with domestic two-piston pump, it has low speed, high oil pressure and high temperature resistance. It can work continuously without oil cooling device above 65 degrees oil temperature.

3) Electrical control part: This is the advanced position of this machine, it consists of motor,voltmeter, temperature
control adjustment table, pressure gauge, power insurance and other components.

Technical Parameter:

Model Motor Power Working Pressure Nominal Pressure Temperature controls of heating ring Input material Size mm Weight
BC-180 1.5kw 55Mpa 1600KN 70~100ºC 3.5 kg 800*650*1100 530kgs
BC-230 1.5kw 55Mpa 2200KN 70~100ºC 7.5 kg 900*750*1400 880kgs
BC-320 2.2kw 55Mpa 3000KN 70~100ºC 15 kg 1100*1000*1500 1320kgs


1. This machine is small in size, small in floor space, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, no special requirements for operators.
2. During the use of this machine, the power consumption is low, and various expenses are small.
3. Compared with stone grinding, save power by 50%.
4. This machine belongs to hydraulic machine with high pressure, high oil yield and good oil quality.
5. This machine adopts automatic control system, preheating temperature automatic control and hydraulic system pressure automatic control.
6. The main components of the machine are made of imported high-quality silicon-manganese steel, equipped with CNC precision lathe and modern high-tech processing. The performance of the whole machine is good.

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For warranty parts and service:
*1 year warranty.
*Within warranty period, all exchanges due to defects are free (Buyer is responsible for shipping charges).
*Within warranty period, As to after-sales service, all the freight fare and accommodation will be paid by buyer.

Our company has strong development capacity, the advanced mechanical manufacturing equipment and perfect after-sale service, is the domestic research, design and manufacture of oil press professional production manufacturer. 

Packing & Delivery
1.We package the goods by wooden case.
2.Customized packaging available.
3.Delivery Time: 5-15 days.