Hydraulic Peanut Seeds Oil Press Processing Machine

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 Usage for Palm kernel Oil Press:
Suitable for the small and medium-sized Veg. Oil Factory and individual user, also be used for pre-pressing for the oil extraction plant.

Our semi automatic oil press machine can process a variety of oil-bearing seeds, including peanut, palm kernel, grape seeds, cottonseeds, flaxseeds, hemp seed, corn germ, rice bran, moringa seeds, soybean, castor beans and more. If you want to know whether our moringa oil press machine can process your raw materials, you can get in touch with us for detailed informaction.groundnut, cashew nut, sesame, walnut, camellia, pine nuts (Peeling most effective),coconut,soybean,rapeseeds,copra,cottonseeds,peanut,sunflower,
tea seed,gendarmerie seeds,rapeseed/canola,peanut kernel,olive,walnut kernel,maize germ,rice bran,teaseed,sallow thron seed,chinaberry seed,rubber seed,china pepper seed,tomato seed,
water melon seed,grape seed,flax seed,Oenothera seed,pepper seed,castor seed,orange seed,
cocoa bean,coffee bean,perilla,almond kernel,peach seedkernel,hemp,avocado,sunflower,sacha
inchi,hazelnut,Xanthoceras,Moringa Seeds,Peony Seed,Shea Butter,Camellia oil,Walnut oil,
Safflower seed,perilla seeds,Hemp seed,White sesame seeds,AlmondsCastor bean,linseed,sea-buckthorn,Marula,ect.

Main structure of oil press machine:
Feeder: It is composed of feeder, feeder flange, etc.
Pressing cage: It is composed of upper and lower pressing cages, roll bar, pressing rings, cake output ring and pressing screws, etc.
Gear Box: It is composed of gear box, stainless steel cover, clinder gear, driving axis, rolling bearing, triangle belt wheel, etc.
Stand: It is composed of base, stand, screw nut. The base is the basic component for the assembling and installtion of the entire oil mill. In addition to support the whole machine parts, stand also works as a cookie outlet.
Screw Axis: It is composed of screw axis, pressing screw, cake guide ring, press nut, adjusting bolt and planer bearing, etc.
The advantage of oil pressers:
1. High oil rate – Compared with the old equipment, the normal rate of oil can be higher than 2-3 percentage points, the annual economic benefits are considerable.
2. Energy saving – The same output reduces electric power by 40%.
3. Labor savings – Equal production saves labor by 60%, and production can be organized by 1-2 persons.
4. Wide use – It can squeeze peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybeans and more than 30 kinds of oil crops.
5. Small footprint – It takes 10-20 square meters to be used.
Technical information:

Model Capacity Power Packing size(mm) Gross weight (kg)
6YL-68 40kg/h 1T/24H 5.5KW 920x390x750 150
6YL-80 100-120kg/h 3T/24H 5.5KW 1540x510x680 370
6YL-90 100-120kg/h 3T/24H 5.5KW 1540x510x680 370
6YL-95 200kg/h 5T/24H 7.5KW 1920x550x765 550
6YL-100 200kg/h 5T/24H 7.5KW 1920x550x765 550
6YL-105 200-230kg/h 5.5T/24H 11KW 2140x550x765 580
6YL-120 250kg/h 6T/24H 15KW 2100x610x785 680
6YL-130-3 300-500kg/h 8-12T/24H 18.5KW 2240x610x815 800
6YL-165 600-800kg/h 15-20T/24H 22-30KW 2290x750x1020  880X750X760 1600
6YL-200 1000kg/h 24T/24H 37KW 2600*1000*2450 2500