Hydraulic Cold Press Seabuckthorn Fruit Pomelo Garlic Juicer Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Hydraulic Juicer

Hydraulic Pump Station

Wooden Case

Hydraulic Pressing

Transport Package
Wooden Case


Zhengzhou Sunshine


HS Code

Production Capacity
100 Sets Per Month

Product Description

Hydraulic cold press seabuckthorn fruit pomelo garlic juicer machine

Suitable for fruit and vegetable juice, fermented fruit wine, rice wine, rice wine, rice pulp, grain wine, enzyme,
Chinese medicine residue, pickled pickles, vegetables, biological fermentation feed residue and other processing industries for press filtration,
juice squeezed, solid Liquid separation, slag juice separation, dewatering and drying, etc.,
the effect of which has certain differences due to different materials.


1. Full sus304 stainless steel body, easy to clean, not easy to corrode.

2. Small volume, high efficiency, and the juice yield reaches about 75%.

3. A lot of labor costs can be saved.

4. Pressing dehydration/receiving machine is mainly composed of frame, body, pressing plate, material basket,
hydraulic system, pumping station system, electric control part and so on.


1. This equipment adopts hydraulic pressing method to remove moisture from fruits and vegetables.
The products are mainly used for fruit juice extraction, vegetable dehydration processing, and juice extraction.

The double barrel exchange of loading and unloading and pressing materials has more than doubled the production volume.
The device is easy to operate, durable, easy to maintain, high pressing force and high production efficiency.

2. the base of the pressure plate adopts a special process to ensure the continuity and stability of the pressure plate when the pressure plate is pressed, and to ensure the uniform dehydration of the material.

3. the material basket is processed by one-time molding process, the inner surface is refined and polished,
easy to clean, eliminate the sanitary dead angle, ensure that the material structure and the material are not damaged, and the press plate, the barrel and the frame of the machine are made of high quality. Made of acid and alkali resistant 304 stainless steel.

4.  the hydraulic cylinder adopts four kinds of sealing forms, which greatly improves the service life of the cylinder
and prevents the hydraulic oil from seeping out contaminated food.

Technical data:

Model Size of barrel Pressure of cylinder Size for double barrel (mm) Size for single barrel(mm) Power Remarks
50L φ400×500 30 tons 1200x642x1760 1100x530x1720 2.2kw Not automatic discharging
100L φ500×500 30 tons 1300x736x1760 1200x714x1720 2.2kw Not automatic discharging
100L φ500×500 30 tons 2000x736x1760 1900x714x1720 2.2kw Not automatic discharging (double barrel take turn)
150L φ550×600 30 tons 1550x736x2010 1500x726x1970 3kw Not automatic discharging
1800x736x2010 1750x726x1970 Automatic discharging
3030x736x2010 2940x726x1970 Automatic discharging(double barrel take turn)
200L φ600×700 50 tons 1600x836x2210 1550x826x2170 4kw Not automatic discharging
1850x836x2210 1800x826x2170 Automatic discharging
3150x836x2210 3100x826x2170 Automatic discharging(double barrel take turn)
300L φ700×750 50 tons 1700x942x2310 1650x880x2270 4kw Not automatic discharging
1900x942x2310 1850x830x2270 Automatic discharging
3250x942x2310 3200x830x2270 Automatic discharging(double barrel take turn)
400L φ800×800 50-500 tons 1800x1000x2410 1750x940x2370 4-22kw Not automatic discharging
2000x1000x2410 1950x940x2370 Automatic discharging
3400x1000x2410 3550x940x2370 Automatic discharging(double barrel take turn)
500L φ850×900 50-500 tons 2000x1042x2620 1950x980x2580 4-22kw Not automatic discharging
2200x1042x2620 2150x980x2580 Automatic discharging
3600x1042x2620 3530x980x2580 Automatic discharging(double barrel take turn)