Huipin  Grain Vegetable 202  Model  Oil Press Machine

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Plastic Film

vegetable oil press


Hebei, Dingzhou, China

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500 Sets Per Month

Product Description

Huipin 202 model oil press
Huipin 202 model oil press is a continuous spiral oil press, which is suitable for the extraction of multi vegetable oil. This machine uses the physical pressing method to press the oilseed and get high quality cooking oil. The input capacity can reach 40-50 tons per day, and the oil yield is high. It can be used to deal with peanut kernel, Cottonseed Kernel, rapeseed, sunflower kernel and other various oilseed.
This oil press has the advantages of compact structure, large output, small space occupation, firmness and durability.
The main shaft, screw, bar and gear of the oil press are made of high-quality alloy steel. The surface of the gear is hardened by heat treatment. The main shaft and screw are carbonized and durable.
The machine is easy to use and control. It works automatically and continuously from feeding and steaming to oil and cake. Only pay attention to the feeding pointer, steam gauge pressure and amperage, and adjust them. It can detect the thickness of slag cake at any time. The management is simple and labor saving.
This oil press machine is attached with cooker, which can cooking the oilseed before pressing, adjust the pressing temperature of the oil, and obtain high quality oil.
The spare volume in the squeezing chamber of the oil press is gradually reduced from the feed port to the slag outlet of the oil press, so that the oil in the oil will be squeezed out in succession when the oil is pushed along the screw in the squeezing chamber to the slag outlet. The pressing cage is easy to open and close, and convenient to replace accessories in the later stage.
This machine is equipped with a new type of high-quality gearbox and bearing, which can make the oil press reach the most ideal use state and have a longer service life.