High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-Making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Power Source
Steam/Hot Oil/Hot Wate

Automatic Grade

Applicable in Industries
Chinese Medicine, Plant, Food, Biology

Core Components
Heater, Evaporator and Condenser

Evaporate The Water or Solvent

Chinese Medicine, Plant, Food, Biology etc.


Heating/Cooling Moodel
Steam/Hot Oil/Hot Wate

Parameter Customization

304/316L Stainless Steel

Related Words
Plate Type Evaporator Machine

Key Selling Points
Plate Type Vacuum Industrial Evaporator

Transport Package
Wooden Case Packaging/According to Customer

5L -500000L


Wenzhou, China

HS Code

Production Capacity
30 Sets/Month

Product Description

    High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine is suitable for the evaporator the water or solvent from solution such as traditional herbal medicine, western medicine, glucose, wine-making, starch, oral liquid, chemical industry, food, natural flavor, food additives, monosodium glutamate, dairy products, CBD Oil ,hemp oil etc.and also can recovery the solvent from the raw material 

    High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine advantagous compare with the tubular type evaporator :
    High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine  is widely used in evaporation market because of its advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, convenient maintenance and easy expansion.

    High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine is mainly composed of plate preheater, plate heat exchanger, plate condenser, material pump, separator, demister, steam scrubber, pipeline, etc. it is because the heat exchanger in the whole set of equipment is the evaporation equipment of plate heat exchanger. This kind of evaporator is used in the evaporation process, and the plate is the main heat transfer element.

    working principle of High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine:
     the heat exchange of the partition, the temperature of the material to be evaporated can rise above the bubble point under the corresponding pressure to produce continuous boiling, and it can be separated into high concentration liquid and pure saturated water vapor in the gas-liquid separator to achieve the purpose of concentration.The material and steam passage of plate evaporator are alternately composed of the same plates by sealing gasket or welding. The assembly forms are detachable, semi welded and full welded.

    The detachable plate evaporator has the advantages of high total heat transfer efficiency, low comprehensive cost, saving precious metal consumption, small relative floor area, convenient operation and maintenance, adjustable evaporation area and so on.

    The heat transfer coefficient of plate evaporator is high, which makes the material liquid easy to reach the vigorous turbulent state, which is 2 ~ 3 times of the heat transfer coefficient of tube evaporator. The plate evaporator is not easy to block, and the material liquid forms a disturbance flow on the heat exchange surface, which washes the surface of the heat exchanger, and can delay the scaling cycle.
    High Efficiency Plate Type Single Effect Vacuum Starch Wine-making Alcohol Evaporator Concentrator Machine  is compact in structure and small in volume. Under the same evaporation capacity, the space occupied by the plate evaporator is only one third to one fourth of that of the tubular evaporator, and the height is only one tenth of that of the tubular evaporator. Moreover, it is very convenient for maintenance. It only needs to loosen the screw of the plate heat exchanger, and the expansion of the plate heat exchanger is also convenient, which can adapt to a variety of environments, Where customer service space is limited.

    BE-50 PNT-100  PNT-200 PNT-300 PNT-500 PNT-700 PNT-1000 PNT-2000  
    Amount of evaporation kg/h 25 60 130 160 230 330 450 900
    Steam pressure(Mpa) <0.25              
    Heat area(m2) 0.4 1.2 1.3 1.5 1.75 2.2 2.5 5.5
    Cooling area(m2) 0.25 1 1 1 1.1 1.1 1.2 3
    Condensator area (m2) 1.2 3.3 4 5 7 7 7.5 14
    Liquid trough volume(L) 15 45 60 80 100 125 140 185
    Energy consumption(kg/h) 230 460 700 850 1150 1500 1850 4030
    Vacuum degree(Mpa) -0.08              
    Length*width*height(m) 1.2*0.6*3.2 1.35*0.75*2.2 1.7*0.8*2.7 1.9*1*3 2.1*1.2*3.4 2.4*1.3*3.4 2.39*1.3*3.7 2.7*1.5*4

    Packaging Details
    Under normal circumstances, we will use PE wrapping film for part of the product, then use wooden case packaging, or according to the special requirements of the customer packaging;If exported to European countries, we will fumigate the wooden cases.
    Shipping Details
    Under normal circumstances, we will use trucks to transport products to Qingdao port;Or according to customer requirements, choose the most convenient, the most economic mode of transportation.

    Q :What about your factory?
    A :Our factory is located in Wenzhou city ,Zhejiang Province and have more than 15 years experience on machinery making.
    Q :How long the warranty will be?
    A :We provide 1 years warranty for the machine running ,but we will afford whole -life service for the machine .
    Q :Which kind payment do your company do now ?
    A :We accept Western Union, T/T ,D/P,D/C and irrevocable L/C payable etc.
    Q :Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?
    A :Yes, if need, we can send our engineer to your plant to help you do installation and commission.
    Q :How can we know the order production status ?
    A :We will arrange the person to take photo or video during manufacturing in every week to make you to know the production status.When goods are      finished,we will take detailed photos or video for your checking ,after approve ,then we will arrange shipment .also you can arrange FAT in our            plant when the goods is ready here.
    Q :how about your company after-sale serivce ?
    A :1. We provide long-term after-sale service.
        2. we can do installation and commission for the equipment in your plant if necessary .
        3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail us to consult on any relevant question since we have a special line for after-sale service. Alternatively, you          can communicate on-line with us to solve any problem.