Glossy Oil UV Coating Machine for CD DVD Disc

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Refresh Color

Max Paper Size

Color Print Speed
15 Seconds

Place of Origin
Guangdong, China

Gross Power

Use for
Costing Oil on CD/DVD




Transport Package
1 Set Per Carton with Foam Sheet

ISO9001, ISO14001


Guangzhou China

HS Code

Production Capacity
1000sets /Month

Product Description

Glossy Oil UV Coating Machine for CD DVD Disc 

1.CD/DVD high glossy machine 
2. make disk surface refresh 
3.can print on any kinds of CDs 

Disc working width 140mm
Rated voltage 220V  
Frequency 50HZ-60HZ  
Power 450W
Machine size 500*400*220mm (length*  width*   height)
Carton size 65*50*31cm (length*  width*   height)  
Coating speed 2.5m/min, 15 seconds/piece disc
Glossy oil consumption 5-10ml/square
UV lamp lifetime about1000 hours

1. Usage and function:
This machine is designed especially for post-processing of disc print output.
After you print any logo or patterns on the Printable CD/DVD, you can use this machine to coat gloss oil on the discs. It will protect disc printing perfectly. 
Machine / Coating advantages:
(1)Waterproof completely
(2)stain resistance
(3)fade resistance
(4)convenient using
(5)energy conservation
(6)Low cost 
2. Specification:
(1)Disc working width: 140mm
(2)Rated voltage: 220V     
(3)Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ  
(4)Power: 450W          
(5)Machine size: 500*400*220mm (length* width* height)
(6) Carton size: 65*50*31cm (length* width* height)      
(7)Machine working temperature:    
(8)Coating speed: 2.5m/min, 15 seconds/piece disc
(9)Glossy oil consumption: 5-10ml/square,

3. Installation procedures (how to use):
(1) Take out machine and put it on the flat table. There is 8 machine angle (black color) and screws, install them into every angle (small hole) at the bottom of machine and disc tray seperately.  
(2)Pour glossy oil into Liquid storage tank (liquid depth can not be more than 1.5cm). And put tank under rubber roller(red color), then put Pipette into tank.
(3) Plug in (connected machine with power line and socket). Open three switch (right side is main switch, middle is UV lamp switch, left side is circulated liquid switch), then machine stars working. UV lamp needs warming, let machine tick over around 3minutes in advance. After that, you can start coating CD/DVD after oil poured over the entire rubber roller.
(4)For 1st time using, if you still can not find glossy oil on the rubber roller after machine opening 3-5minutes, it means there is some air in the circulated pump (the exit of liquid) so that oil can not pour out. At this time, you can use syringe to deflate the air outwards from the exit of pipette.
(5) Put one disc on the tray(words upward), and push disc into the bottom of rubber roller slowly, the machine will coat automatically by itself, the disc will be sent out from the back of the machine once finished
(6) If you feel coated oil is too thin or too thick, you can use hexagon wrench to adjust the gap of two rubber roller. Firstly open the cover which is above rollers, you can see clearly there are 2 small aluminum on both side in the front of roller, and there are 2 small holes. Pls put hexagon wrench into the hole, make it rotated clockwise if you need coated oil thin, the gap between rollers will be narrow. If you need coated oil thick, you can make it rotated counter clockwise, the gap will be wider.
(7)If not to use the machine for long time, you’d better clear rubber rollers before you store it.

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