Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine Oil Machine 500t

Basic Info.

Model NO.
Four column hydraulic press

500 Ton Hydraulic Press

Kgs of Salt Block

Can Provide Mould for Press

Delivery Time
50 Working Days

Worktable Size

Main Cylinder Stroke

Transport Package

500 ton



HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

Four column hydraulic press machine oil machine 500T


Product Application

The WODA hydraulic press has been carefully designed to be a high quality machine. Research on frame selection has enabled us to design a product that responds to mechanical demands in the most appropriate and sensitive way to ensure structural stability and thus improved drawing accuracy.

WODA hydraulic press design and manufacture of 2 or 4 column hydraulic drawing presses from 600 kN to 30000 kN for deep drawing, reverse drawing, embossing, bending, hydroforming and hot forging processes, suitable for cars, homes The steel/stainless steel is produced in white, heat hardened, trial/die and other industrial applications.

Customizable services for your production:

– Photoelectric protection device
– Hydraulic cushion
– Moving workbench
– The mould with floating guide roll and bracket
– Quick die clamping mechanism
– Touch screen
– Travel, pressure, speed, digital display numericalcontrol device
– The servo system control
– The hydraulic system of cooling device
– Mould heating system

Performance characteristics:

– 3D computer optimization design.
– Hydraulic control using integrated system, impact of small, reliable operation,long service life.
– Oriented design from top to bottom, good guide, partial load resistanceperformance is good.
–  Can realize the constant pressure, travel is two kinds ofmolding process and olling function.
– Working pressure and travel can be adjusted accordingto the technological requirements within the prescribedscope, easy operation.


With decades of experience, WODA has established strict policies for the selection of its components. All components are certified to European standards and are mainly from Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. All structural components are calculated using the finite element method, using only high-quality steel S275 and S355 JR, ie J2 (+ N).


All structural plates used by WODA are made of steel alloy (ie S355 or higher), certified and chemically and mechanically verified. The assembled components are welded together and standardized, ie i.a.w. UNI-EN10025 regulations. These structures are designed to improve load distribution and reduce the associated tension to minimize distortion.

Hydraulic Press Machine Parameter:

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