Africa Factory Price Palm Oil Processing Plant Palm Oil Mill Red Palm Oil Press Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.
1ton 3ton 5ton


Palm Oil Screw Press Machine

1t/H 2t/H 3ton/H 5t/H

Raw Material
Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch

Processing Method
Wet Type Twin Screw Palm Oil Mill

Matching Machines
Sterilizer, Thresher, Digester, Press, Filter

Main Market
Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, Thailand, Indonesia

Technical Support
Drawing, Production, Shipping, Installation,

High Oil Output, Save Energy

Oil Output Rate

Final Product
Red Crude Palm Oil, Palm Nut and Fiber

Accessory Plant
Kernel Recovery and Waste Water Treatment

Processing Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch

Palm Kernel Oil Usage
Refining or Making Laundry Soap

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
200sets Per Month

Product Description

Africa Factory Price Palm Oil Processing Plant Palm oil mill Red palm oil press machine

The flow chart process of palm oil processing machine
FFB(Palm fruit bunches)–Sterilizing–Thershing–Digesting–Pressing–Clarifying–Filtering–Drying–Crude palm oil

Production Process

1. Receipt of fruit : Automatic metering and unloading of materials, increase the production efficiency. The fruit cage pushes and pulls along the fixed track and operates mechanized, saving time and effort.

2.Sterilization : Sterilization can be divided into two types, one is a horizontal sterilizer sterilizing tank and the other is a vertical sterilizer sterilizing tank. In comparison, because the horizontal sterilization takes up a large area and the steam consumption is large, it is a relatively traditional sterilization method. The vertical sterilization is based on the improvement of horizontal sterilization. It consumes less, saves resources, and is used more and more widely.

3. Fruit removal: The purpose of threshing is to separate the oil palm fruit from the fruit string by strong rotational vibration. The fruit removal equipment is a drum type fruit remover. The separated oil palm fruit is discharged into the press section. The empty fruit string is discharged from the other end of the drum to the yard or transported to or from the factory area for recycling of palm orchard cover, or on-site incineration as a fertilizer applied to the farmland. The adjustment mechanism of the fruit remover can adjust the delivery speed of the ear.

4. Crushing: The palm fruit masher is suitable for the smashing of cooked palm granules, so that the heating and humidifying mashing effect before the squeezing is better, the squeezing oil yield is effectively increased, and the squeezing process is reduced in the subsequent squeezing section. Walking oil.

5. Squeeze: With advanced continuous double spiral brown fruit oil press, hydraulic automatic control system that can adjust the pressing pressure, high oil extraction efficiency, low residue of cake residue and low breakage rate of palm kernel.

Double Screw Palm Oil Extraction Machine:

Model Input Capacity
(T FFB/h)
Power of motor spindle(kw)
YZYZ-1.0 1T/H 5.5kw
YZYZ-2.0 2T/H 7.5kw
YZYZ-3.0 3T/H 11kw
YZYZ-5.0 5T/H 15kw

6. Clarification: Separation of major impurities (such as silt, fiber, etc.) in the oil by means of natural sedimentation

7. Vacuum dehydration equipment: As the fresh palm fruit contains moisture, and it also enters a lot of moisture during the cooking and fermenting stage, so when the palm oil squeezed out , it contains a lot of water. If it is not dehydrated promptly, the palm oil will quickly deteriorate and spoil. and the palm oil dehydration equipment uses vacuum heating to quickly dehydrate palm oil.

8. Fine filtration: The use of bag-type fine filter can accurately ensure the filtration accuracy, and can quickly and easily replace the filter bag, and the filter almost has no material consumption, which reduces the operating cost and suitable for fine filtration of palm oil.

Wet Type Complete of palm fruit oil expeller

After palm fruit pressing plant,you will get palm nut with fiber,we also produce palm kernel oil extraction plant and cooking oil refinery plant for your choice.

Company Information

Henan Double Elephants Machinery I/E CO.,LTD

A professional collection of research ,design, production and sales of Oil making machine,animal food machine ,extruder machine for pet and snacks,and many other kind of food machine.

Our company has a big manufacturing factory with 40 years rich experiences based on one original machinery started by our government machinery department, we adopts advanced production technology, sophisticated equipment and have won abundant strength after many years of development accumulation. 

Our puffed machinery has won the 1999 best national evaluation,and passed the ISO 9001 International Quality Authentication in 2000.More proudly, we have achieved the CE certificate to convenient more European customers.