6yy-250d 250 Tons 110L/H Hydraulic Working Oil Pressing Machine for Commercial Use

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6yy-250d 250 Tons 110L/H Hydraulic Working Oil Pre

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Product Description

6YY-250D 250 Tons 110L/H Hydraulic Working Oil Pressing Machine for Commercial Use 

Model 6YY-250D() 6YY-250D(Row,single Barrel)
Capacity 110L/H
 Matching power 3kw
Barrel Height 800mm
Stroke Height 800mm
   Voltage 380V
Diameter Of Piston 250mm
Diameter of barrel 420mm
  Working Pressure ≤50
Working Thrust 250
Total weight 1800kg
Dimensions                     (**)L*W*H 1300*1300*2550mm

This machine is mainly composed of frame, cylinder, hydraulic station, manual reversing valve, oil barrel, tray and electrical control part.
2.Working principle:
Best selling hydraulic oil pressers is based on the principle of liquid static pressure transmission to the hydraulic pressure as the transmission medium to squeeze the oil and then pressed out of a squeezing oil equipment. This machine is a closed circuit system composed of two parts of the hydraulic system and the oil press mainframe. Hydraulic press squeezing method is a purely physical method of squeezing oil.

3.Range of Application:
The technical application of oil mill efficient intelligent integration is popular in the main oil production areas of the world. The oil mill is widely used in the squeeze of oil crops, such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, flax, walnut, suzi, almond, tea seed, cottonseed, sesame, corn germ,etc
1)This machine is very suitable for family use and small oil factories.The multi-function oil press is suitable for pressing mustard, peanut, soybean, sesame, sunflower, camellia seed, walnut kernel, corn germ and more than 20 kinds of oil crops. It can also be used in fruit and vegetable enterprises to squeeze fruit juice, dehydrate, and de-oil process of chemical raw materials, which can achieve the effect of one machine with multiple uses.
2)The use of high-carbon steel, high-frequency quenching and heat-resistant treatment, has high hardness and strength, good wear resistance, suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous work, all of which increase the service life of the hydraulic press for decades.
3)It belongs to low-temperature cold pressing and physical pressing, does not destroy the original composition of the oil, and adopts the traditional physical pressing process; the oil temperature is low, the oil yield is high, and the residual oil in the filter cake is low. The pressed crude oil is very pure, has a good smell, and can be eaten directly
4)The finished oil is light in color, good in quality, fragrant and nutritious. The vacuum filter can filter the residue to ensure the oil quality, so as to meet the health and quarantine standards and meet the international market standards.
5)The design is scientific, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, safe and stable, and the degree of automation is high. All of them adopt fully automatic devices. It only takes a few minutes from feeding to finished product at a time. The pressing process is fully computerized. Only switch control is required after loading. The valve is enough, one person can operate multiple machines simultaneously; the operation is simple: the hydraulic oil press does not need to pack the bran cake, and does not need to manually produce the bran cake. As long as the oil is steamed and fried, it is packed into the barrel, and then separated by the discus. After the oil is filled, the switch can be squeezed. After the squeezing is completed, the barrel is raised to eject the bran cake. Both elderly and women can operate it without professional experience.
6)Adopting the principle of multi-stage advance and progressive pressure, the pressure of pressing chamber increases rapidly, so that the oil can be separated by one-time fission, and then using infrared temperature control system, automatic control of pressing temperature and water, so that the oil can directly soften and activate the oil molecules, pressing stability, pressing all, greatly improving the oil yield.
7)The new hydraulic oil press adopts a stand-alone method of electricity consumption, which is to save electricity. Moreover, we are also equipped with a visual controller on the new hydraulic oil press, which implements fully automated production, which saves manpower and more effectively controls the hygiene and safety standards.
8)It is suitable for all seasons without restriction. It adopts a variety of fine filtration system devices to increase the pressure of oil filtration and the temperature of crude oil. The brand-new new oil guiding technology, automatic filtration, pure oil, oil filtration and pressing are carried out simultaneously , It greatly improves the oil filtering speed, is convenient and practical, and is the ideal choice for the majority of users.
9)Different pressures are available for selection, one more choice, and the newly added double barrel model, which greatly saves the filling time.
10)Labor saving-the same output can save 60% of labor, and 1 to 2 people can organize production, which can save about 40 yuan in labor per day.
11)Energy saving-the same output can reduce the electric power by 40%, calculated by saving 6 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour, the daily production can save 30 yuan in electricity costs
5. How to operate the hydraulic oil press machine?
Step 1: Before running, clean the oil tank, feed enough clean hydraulic oil, check every bolts if they are loose, check circuit if they connect well. Then pre-heating, 50-70ºC in summer and autumn, 70-90ºC in winter and spring. Finally run 1-2 minutes. When the oil changes thick in winter and spring, then run 5-10 minutes.
Step 2: Exhaust lampblack from the cooked oilseed, put it into the basket, then put the mat and separation board.
Step 3: Lift the hand shank of the manual valve, turn on to press. There must be a person when the main engine boosts. When reaching 50Mpa, it stops.
Step 4: When the pressure drops to 50MPa, the electric controlling system will turn on itself and the pressure will rise back. When there is no oil exuding, then finish the pressing.
Step 5: Turn off, press the hank shank downward to make the squeezing tank away 10mm. Then lift the hand shank and open the top plate.
Step 6: Turn on, oil cake rises to make the top plate tower above 5mm. Then turn off and take out separation board and mats and oil cake.
Step 7: Press the hand shank down, the plunger declines and start to press second time.

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