1-5ton/H Africa Palm Oil Expeller Press Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.



Twin Screw Palm Oil Machine

3ton Per Hour From Palm Fruit

Raw Material
Palm Fruit Bunch

Dry Type or Wet Type
Wet Type Twin Screw Palm Oil Machine

Matching Machines
Sterilizer, Thresher, Digester, Press, Filter

Main Market
Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, Thailand, Indonesia

Technical Support
We Can Supply

High Oil Output, Save Energy

Oil Output Rate

Final Product
Red Crude Palm Oil, Palm Nut and Fiber

Accessory Plant
Kernel Recovery and Waste Water Treatment

Oversea Factory
Palm Oil Factory Available in Indonesia

Processing Fresh Palm Fruit Bunch

High Quality Twin Screw Palm Oil Machine

Good Price Twin Screw Palm Oil Machine

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
200sets Per Month

Product Description

1-5ton/h Hot Sale Twin screw palm oil machine in Africa

Description for twin screw palm oil machine
YZYZ Series twin screw palm oil machine are ideal equipment for expelling raw palm oil from heat-digested and crushed palm fruit mass. 
1.Compact and solid structure and easy operation;
2.Automatic control system which enables the pressure in the press cage to be adjusted;
3.Highly efficient oil expelling with little residual oil contained in oil cakes(<8%) ;
4.Low percentage of crushed palm-fruit cores.

Main Technical Specifications for twin screw palm oil machine

Model Input Capacity
(t FFB/h)
Power of motor spindle(kw)
YZYZ-1.0 1.0 5.5
YZYZ-2.0 2.0 7.5
YZYZ-3.0 3.0 11
YZYZ-5 5 15

                              Complete twin screw palm oil machine

Flow chart for complete set of Palm oil machine

FFB-Sterilizer-Threshing-Digester–Pressing-Clarification–Filter—Crude Oil 

3D drawing for complete set of palm oil machine

Detailed process for complete set of palm oil machine

1. Raw materials receiving 
 Fresh palm fruit bunch will be loaded on a slope. Under the slope, there are some cages to receive the palm fruits.

fresh palm fruits bunch are airtight sterilized in sterilizer. The purpose to prevent enzymes broken down, avoiding FFA content in oil further increase ; easy threshing machinery; 
pretreatment peel, prepared for the follow-up processing; preconditioning stone, reducing the damage kernel.

The purpose of threshing is the oil palm fruits be separated from the fruit bunch through strong vibration, Threshing equipment is revolving drum thresher. The oil palm fruits separated be
ejected then into the press section. Empty fruit bunch be ejected to the yard from the other side of the revolving drum, or shipped out from the plant as palm orchards slipcover to recycling use, or burning
in the locale as fertilizer for agricultural land.

 It is utilizing the masher which with stirrers. The main function is used for destroying the oil cells of the palm fruits, to guarantee the oil easy to press out.

Oil palm fruits first carry out cooking before pressed, fruit sterilized must be re-heating for the soft pulp, and damage pulp cell structure. Then enter into continuous screw press for pressing.
Oil palm fruit pressed is divided into two parts: oil, water, solid impurities mixture and the press cake (fiber and nuclear). Oil, water, solid impurities mixture by the crude oil gutter inflow to oil purification
section; press cake by breaking screw conveyor into the fiber- recovery section.

6.Vibrate sieve
It adopts the vibrate sieve to remove out the dregs,
 fibre from the crude oil and the crude oil should be quickly filtered or it would be cool, the oil would become fat, total 3 layers, and different mesh of the sieve, after the third sieve, the crude oil is very cleaner.

Machine-pressed crude oil first diluted with water washing, through settlement and filtration, the fiber material removed from the oil, and then carry out continuous settlement, the whole
divided into two parts: oil and sediment.

8.Crude Oil Filter
The second filter, the main remove the small solid impurities in the oil.Through the secondary filter, oil has become very clear.

9.Vacuum dehydrator vessel
High temperature,high vacuum,reduce the moisture in the oil into 0.5%.

10.Palm nut treatment process/Centrifuge sieve
This process adopts the centrifuge sieve to separate the nut and fibre and dregs. The nut is for store after drying under the sun, the fibre and dregs is for the fuel of cooker.

11. Waste Water treatment
In the process of palm oil production will produce a lot of waste water, the waste water will direct emissions pollution of land.The waste water has high organic matter content, biochemical oxygen demand BOD is about 25000ppm, required by qualified deal before emissions. Pool sewage treatment system is the most used and effective treatment. This palm oil mill effluent treatment system is cost-effective, only needs adequate space, less investment costs.

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