Stainless Steel Fishmeal and Fish Oil Production Line

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Bulking Machine Type
Twin Screw Bulking Machine

Expanding Method
Wet Expansion


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Product Description

Wet Processing Fishmeal and Fish Oil Production Line
Raw Material and Final Products
Raw material: all kinds of fresh fish and shrimps, chickens or its waste byproducts like organ, head, bone and tails. They can be as raw material and get the final products fishmeal and fish oil after produce by our fishmeal equipments
Final Products
High protein fishmeal and crude fish oil. Fishmeal is powder and  is an excellent source of protein and is also rich in essential ammino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is a natural balanced feed that is high in protein, energy, minerals (calcium and phosphorus), a natural source of vitamins (including choline, biotin, vitamins B12, A and E).  Fish meal is a supplement in addition to animal feeds.
Fish Oil is produced with the fishmeal and it is a crude oil and need to refined to quality fish oil and widely used in medicine and chemical industry.
Full set of fishmeal production line including the following machine:
The whole plant contains screw conveyor, cooker, press, decanter, drier, centrifuge, evaporator, boiler, electrical controller and other accessory equipments. 

Introduction of Xinzhou
Zhoushan Xinzhou Fishmeal Equipment Factory is a special manufacturer of wet pressing fishmeal plant. After introducing the fishmeal plant from Europe, we have developed the fishmeal plant to the capacity of  50T, 80T, 150T, 300T,500T for both floating factory and land factory. Our production takes more than 80% in domestic market and is also exported to Peru, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Mauritius, Egypt, Yemen, Russian, North Korea, Thailand, UAE and other countries, and helps to improve the quality of fish meal.  
The wet pressing method is adopted widely by most manufacturers in fish meal production in the world. In China, it was introduced in late 80s from Atlas Denmark last century. 20 years’ improvements and experiences made us the biggest fishmeal plant manufacturer in China.
In wet pressing method, raw material is cooked, pressed, dried. Then the press liquor is centrifuged. The whole process is automatic. Comparing to the traditional dry pressing method, there are many advantages:
(1). The fat-free fish meal is of higher quality, longer storage time.
(2). Lower energy consumption.( About 60% as before)
(3). To extract fish oil during the process, make more profit.
(4). Automatic running needs less worker
(5). The evaporator makes higher protein content in fish meal
(6) The deodorizer makes less pollution.

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