Pipe Fitting Oil Hydraulic Extrusion Press Equipment 100 Ton High Speed

Basic Info.



Product Description

HY33 100T Hydraulic Pipe Fitting Press For Tee Elbow Plumbing


It is a hydraulic press with compact integrated frame, the press is used for multi-directional extruding process of small metal parts.



  1. The frame is finite element analyzed to ensure good rigidity and precision.
  2. Eight-facet guiding, high resistance to unbalance loading
  3. High working speed ensures high production efficiency
  4. Support loop and inter-lock loop ensures high reliability and safety
  5. PLC control
  6. Servo control for saving energy



  1. Automotive parts, such as shafts, spare parts of engines
  2. Household appliance parts, such as washing machines, refrigerators
  3. Tractors, motorcycles


Accessories for option:

Moveable worktable

Proportional adjustment device for slider

Proportional adjustment device for hydraulic cushion

Buffering device

Light curtain protection device


Floating guide rail for die exchange

Working position light


Technical Data:

Item Unit HY33-100
Main cylinder Nominal force KN 1000
Stroke mm 250/600
Descend speed mm/s 22
Working speed mm/s 6-9
Return force KN 320
Return speed mm/s 45
Lateral cylinder Nominal force KN 500
Stroke mm 100
Approach mm/s ~14
Working speed mm/s 4
Return speed mm/s 17
Ejection cylinder Nominal force KN 160
Stroke mm 150
Ejection speed mm/s 80
Return speed mm/s 170
Worktable size L.R. mm 710
F.B. mm 580
Distance between piston rod of ejection cylinder and worktable mm 172
Open daylight mm 500
Height of center line of lateral cylinder above worktable mm 115
Distance between piston rods of two lateral cylinders mm 600
Worktable height above the floor mm 800
Overall dimension L.R. mm 2330
F.B. mm 2130
Height above the floor mm 2550
Central positioning hole of worktable mm φ150
Motor power KW 5.5