Double Stage Vegetable Oil Screw Pressing Machine/ Oil Expeller

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Production Capacity
30 Plants Per Year

Product Description

Double Stage Vegetable Oil Screw Pressing Machine/ Oil Expeller 

1 Flow Diagram 
2 Production Process Description 

2.1  Cleaning 

  1. To Remove the solid impurity from raw materials; ( stick,stone,leaf etc)
  2. Raw materials is conveyed from Silo to Magnetic separator to separate the iron materials. After separating the iron materials, the raw materials is conveyed to cleaning sieve and destoner to remove the other impurity.
  3. Key Machinery:  Magnetic Separator;  Cleaning Sieve;  Destoner

2.2  Crushing 

  1. To crush the seed into 4-6 particles and rupture the oil cell to improve the oil yield. it will be convenient for further flaking;
  2. Key Machinery:  Cracker

2.3  Flaking 

  1. Using double flaking roller to make the crushed seed into flakes. It will further rupture oil cell and shorten the oil extraction distance for following screw pressing
  2. The thickness of flakes is 0.3-0.4mm
  3. Key Machinery: Flaking Machine

2.4  Cold Pressing 

  1. Using screw press to squeeze the prepared oil seed to extract the oil; Final residual oil content is round 6%-7%;
  2. Key Machinery:  Screw Press

2.5  Filtering 

  1. To remove the cake trace from the crude oil, the sludge return back to pressing section
  2. Key Machinery:  Vibrating Filter

2.6 Dust Collecting system 

  1. Using dust collecting cyclone system to collect the dust during production. It guarantee the workshop and air is clean.
  2. Key Machinery:  Cyclone,FAN,Pulse type dust collector