Cooking Oil Production Line for Oil Crushing Factory, Oil Mill

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Soya, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Rapeseed etc

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Henan, China

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We are the biggest sunflower oil making machine producer in china,our factory was set up in 1988.. With more than 25 years produce experience,our sunflower oil making machine has got ISO 9001,SGS,BV certificates.Our sunflower oil making machine has 12 monthes warranty period and we also supply long life maintenace service.At present,we have exported our sunflower oil making machine to Russia,Ukraine, Malaysia ,Indonesia,Bangladesh,Bolivia,Peru… Now our sunflower oil making machine is getting more and more popular in the international market.


Introduction of Sunflower Oil Process


1.Seeds pretreatment workshop

Seed, as one kind of oilseeds with high oil content, need pretreatment for pre-pressing and then with extractor to extract oil from pressing cake. Pretreatment process mainly includes cleaning, de-stoning, shelling, crushing, flaking ,cooking and other processes.

1).Cleaning. Use magnetic selector to remove metal impurities and remove other impurities with cleaning screen, specific gravity stoner and dust remover. If it’s sunflower seeds for oil usage, shelling is not required; if for edible type, shelling is required.

2).Crushing. Use crusher to crush sunflower seeds into pieces so as to get smaller particle size for flaking.

3).Flaking. Roll sunflower seeds particles into flakes with flaking roll, so as to break its cellular structure and then separate oil easier when extracting.

4).Cooking. Through adjusting sunflower seeds flakes to suitable moisture and temperature to break internal structure of sunflower seeds so as to separate oil from oil seeds .

5).Pre-pressing.Use oil press to press part of oil firstly to decrease oil content, and offer convenience for extraction.


 2.Extraction Workshop

It includes oil extraction, wet meal toasting, miscella evaporation, solvent recovery, exhaust gas recovery with paraffin and other processes.

1).Extraction section. Convey sunflower seeds flakes with scraper conveyor to extractor, make them contact with organic solvent fully through soak and spray to get miscella, miscella into miscella tank for removing solvent, and wet meal out of the bottom of extractor to desolventizer-toaster for solvent removal. Rotocel extractor is typical extractor to extract oil with solvent.

2).Toasting section. Use DTDC to separate solvent out from wet meal to get dry meal without solvent for animal feeds, and solvent can be recycled through condensation. DTDC desolventizer-toaster is used in this section.

3).Evaporation and steam-stripping section. Because of different boiling point, remove solvent from miscella to get crude soybean oil with No.1 long tube evaporator, No.2 long tube evaporator and steam-stripping column.

4).Solvent from meal toasting and evaporation and steam-stripping of miscella can be recycled through condensation.

5).Exhaust gas recovery section. Use paraffin absorption tower, paraffin desorption tower to remove residual solvent.


3.Oil refining Workshop

Add hot water to remove phospholipids, decolorization (removing pigment from oil to make oil clear and transparent) through adsorption of active bleaching clay, continuous physical deacidification and deodorization.

1).Degumming, alkali refining deacidification, water washing and drying. Through add hot water and food grade phosphoric acid to remove hydratable phospholipids and nonhydratable phospholipids. Then add caustic soda to neutralize free fatty acid to decrease acid value.

2)Decolorization. Add active bleaching clay, and remove pigment from oil through adsorption of active bleaching clay.

3).Deacidification and .Remove free fatty acid from oil to decrease acid value. Use deacidification pot for batch deacidification and deacidification tower for continuous deacidification.

4).Deodorization. Remove odor from oil. Deodorization pot is used for batch oil deodorization, and deodorization tower is used for continuous deodorization.

5).Dewaxing. Through cooling crystallization to separate wax, then use filter to remove wax.

Craft flow sheet for pretreatment oil pressing workshop

Seed→ cleaning, stones removal → Magnetic selection →crushing→ embryo

rolling →steam-cooking →oil pressing →crude oil filtering →crude oil →to refining




Q1:What is the warranty for the machines?

A1:24 months free guanantee and life long standard paid service.

Q2:What is the material?

A2:Stainless steel and carbon steel.

Q3:How many areas are required to build my plant?

A3:The land area required usually depends on the capacity of your plant.We can calculate the area needed and design your plant.

Q4:Will this kind of refinery machine applicable to different types of crude oil?

A4:Yes,and this refinery machine is low consumption and high output.

We could custom-made & design according to customer’s requirements

Q5:Do you offer overseas installation?

A5:We’ll dispatch professional installation engineer to guide the equipment installation,as well as training your workers.

Q6:Where is your factory located?

A6:Hua county,Henan Province,China.

Our Services

1.  Supply set of equipment and accessories on time.

2.  Ensure the installation and debugging are succeed by one time.

3.  Supply good material and price machine to customer.

4.  Develop new product and production technology and supply them to customer

5.  We will direct the installation and operation of the equipment, and train operators for customer

6.  Engineers available to service machinery overseas

7.  1 year warranty period for machine, during this period we will amend the machine free charge if 

it is equipment quality problem. But if the machine broken by operation reason, the customer need to take the accessories charge. We will supply solution within 4 hours, or our engineer comes to solve it within 3 working days.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Nude packing


Delivery Time :Within about 40 days after receipt of your payment.


Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd.
 is a company specialized in grain and oil machinery plant manufacture.
 we have over 60 years experience in this line. now we have 50 engineers and 30 person’s R&D team, we also cooperate with university and attract professors as our counselor. All these above is the guaranty of our machine’s quality. We have 30 experienced installation engineers, they will be appointed to your country to installation and training your workers to operate the machine. Our sales team will do our best to give you suggestions and communicate with engineers to supply you the high quality machine , best service and after sales service .  

Our main product :
(1) Cooking oil production line. The feedstock can be palm fruit, palm kernel, rice bran, corn germ /maize germ, sunflower seed, rapeseed, soybean seed, cotton seed, sesame and other oilseeds 
(2) Grain mill production line. We can supply you different capacity from 5-1000tons wheat flour mill machine , corn mill machine and other flour mill machine, it can be whole production line or just one single machine .
(3) Biodiesel machine. Oilseeds make biodiesel machine, used cooking oil /used vegetable oil make biodiesel machine, waste plastic/tyres pyrolysis to diesel machine . 
Our products sells well in global market, 
and are exported to Russia,Malaysia,Kazakhstan,Thailand, Indonesia,Egypt, Philippines Russia,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan, Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Rwanda,Tanzania and other countries & regions,and now we have developed into a major oil machinery manufacturing base in China.


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