50 TPH Complete oil extraction and refining oil production line

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Press Materials
All oil seeds

Press Series



Processing Capacity
1t/D to 100t/D

Raw Materials
Different Oil Seeds

Final Oil Grade
Grade 1, Grade 2

Turn Key Project

Transport Package
Wooden Box




HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

Oil crop seed oil production line

Our factory can make complete set oil press and refinery with different capacities from 0.5T/Day to 1000T/Day.
The raw materials are peanut , soybean, sunflowerseeds , rapeseed , palm, rice bran ,other vegetable seeds and animal fats.
The final product will be salad oil, good edible oil, we can match different machines according to customer’s requirement about the final oil.

2.Main equipment date

No. Name Power
1 50T/D peanut pretreatment &pressing equipment  154.0kw
2 15T/D oil refinery equipment   54.6kw
3 Outdoor equipment   29.5kw
4 4 heads Edible oil filling equipment  
5 17m scraper conveyor outside  
6 2Ton steam boiler(coal heating)  

    50T/D peanut pretreatment &pressing equipment
General description of Peanut pretreatment workshop
Peanut, as one kind of oilseeds with high oil content, need pretreatment for pre-pressing and then with extractor to extract oil from pressing cake. Pretreatment process mainly includes cleaning, de-stoning, dehulling, crushing, flaking, cooking and other processes.

  1. .Cleaning. Use magnetic selector to remove metal impurities and remove other impurities with cleaning screen, specific gravity stoner   and dust remover. If peanut with hull, its better to remove hull first.
  2. .Crushing. Use crusher to crush seeds into pieces so as to get smaller particle size for flaking.
  3. .Flaking. Roll seeds particles into flakes with flaking roll, so as to break its cellular structure and then separate oil easier when extracting.
  4. .Cooking. Through adjusting seeds flakes to suitable moisture and temperature to break internal structure of seeds so as to separate oil from oilseeds.
  5. .Oil pressing. Use oil press to press cooked flakes through physical mechanical press.
     pretreatment &pressing flow chart:

Peanut→shelling→Magnetic selection→ cleaning, stones removal→crushing→ embryo rolling →steam-cooking →oil pressing →crude oil filtering →crude oil →to refining workshop

          Main machine list:

No Equipment Name Qty
1 Peanut sheller 1
2 Bucket elevator 1
3 Cleaning screen 1
4 De-stoner 1
5 Dust collector 1
6 Bucket elevator 3
7 Crushing machine 1
8 Flaking machine 1
9 Steam-cooking pot 1
10 Screw conveyor 1
11 Screw oil press 1
12 Vibrating filter 1
13 Steam distributor 1
14 Electricity & Control 1

 15T/D cooking oil refinery equipment
Flow chart:
Crude oil→ filtering→degumming→deacidification→drying→decoloration→ deodorization→ grade 2 oil

Main machine list:

No. Name Qty
1 Decolorizer 1
2 Leaf vibrating filter 1
4 Steam superheater 1
5 Safety filter 2
6 Deordorizer 1
7 Fatty acid collector 1
8 Cooler 1
9 Polishing filter 2

Oil quality parameters

Item Quality Index
Grade 1 Grade 2
Color(color slot 133.4mm)≤ Y15 R1.5 Y25 R2.5
Odor/Flavor Good flavor and taste Good flavor and taste
Transparency Clear, transparent Clear, transparent
Moisture and volatile matter(%)≤ 0.05 0.05
Insoluble impurities(%)≤ 0.05 0.05
Acid value ( mgKOH/g ) ≤ 0.20 0.30
Peroxide value ( mmol/kg ) ≤ 5.0 5.0
Smoke point(degree)≥ 215 205
Refrigeration test (store for 5.5h at 0 degree)  Clear, transparent __

3.More pictures at the customer site:
Peanut sheller

Bucket elevator , cleaning screen and De-stoner

Combination oil press


Raw materials and finished products

Loading goods

4.Our factory: