Y81 Waste Nonferrous Metal Bale Packing Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.
Y81T-1600 Waste Nonferrous Metal Packing Machine

Press All Kinds of Metal Scrap to Be Bales

Operation Mode
Manual or PLC Operation

Cooling System
Water or Air Cooler

Customer Decide

Transport Package
Nude Package

ISO 9001: 2008; CE; SGS

TIANFU Waste Nonferrous Metal Packing Machine

Jiangsu Prov. China

HS Code

Production Capacity
50 Sets Per Month

Product Description

Product Description

1. Product Application
Item:Y81T-1600 Waste Recycle Automatic Nonferrous Metal Bale Packing Machine

Automatic Nonferrous Metal Bale Packing Machine is capable of extruding various metal leftover,steel paring,waste copper, aluminum, stainless steel and scrapped car into regular charging as square, column,cylinder etc. different shapes.

By this way, the costs of transportation and refining can be reduced. It also makes the transportation easier and faster.

Automatic Nonferrous Metal Packing Machine is mainly used in steel plants,recycling corporation,waste recovery and metal refining industry. Size of compression chamber and bale can be customized.
All machine modes adopt hydraulic driving. manual operation and PLC automatic control can be chosen. 

2. Technical Parameters

Model Main cylinder force (ton) Feed box size (mm) Bale size (mm) Bale weight ( kg) Motor (kw)
Y81-1250 125 1200*700*600 300*300 50-70 15
Y81-1600A 160 1600*1000*700 350*350 100-180 22
Y81-1600B 160 1600*1200*800 400*400 100-200 30
Y81-2000A 200 1600*1200*800 400*400 120-220 37
Y81-2000B 200 1800*1400*800 450*450 180-350 44
Y81-2500A 250 1800*1200*800 400*400 200-400 44
Y81-2500B 250 2000*1400*900 500*500 200-450 44
Y81-2500C 250 2000*1750*1200 500*500 200-450 60
Y81-3150 315 2600*2000*1200 600*600 400-700 90
Y81-4000 400 3000*2000*1200 600*600 500-800 90

3. Main Features
1) Hydraulic drive,PLC or hand valve control
2) No need for foot screws
3) Integral design, no need to install
4) Pressing force ranges from 125T to 1000T.
5) We are factory with strict quality control.

4.Detailed Machine Parts: 
1)Name: Guard Board
we use imported HARDOX NM500 wear plate on the gate and feed box.
make the machine stronger and more wear-resisting. 
extend the machine service life
2)Name: High Pressure Hose Joint
abandon screw-type coupling, and adopt FAS sealing flange which has better sealability. 
better anti-vibration 
better resistance to leaking
3)Name: Blade 
we use blades on the door sides and feed box sides.
The blades can cut the extra scrap when machine working, better to protect the machine. 
4)Name: Water Cooler
every machine will equip a water cooler. 
It can reduce the oil temperature, avoid too high oil temperature.  

5.Youtube Link: 
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1)  Are you a factory or trade company?
We are manufacturer with own factory for 15 years, export proportion 70~80%.
2) How can i trust your company?
a. With professional design and sales team, we can serve you the perfect solution with lowest cost.
b. Assessed by third party, national patents for all equipment, also CE, ISO.
c. Agents in RU, UKR,MYS,PH; Users around the world.
d. Welcome to inspect anytime. We are near to Shanghai airport.
e. About the machine, we do much better on:
Wear plates, seals, structure design, pressure head.
3) How about the test running & installation?
Before delivery, we finish the test over 3times.
If you take integral design, no need to installation at all. If parted design, we can send our technicians to your place if necessary.
4) Any warranty?
Under the proper usage, one year for whole machine except the wear parts.
5)  Is your price competitive?
Only good quality machine we supply. Surely we will give you best factory price based on superior product and service.
Contact Detail: 
Contact Person: Lara Li
Cell: 0086-15852668763
Tel: 0086-510-86010821
Welcome to contact us at any time
We will reply you within 24 hours