U Shaped Temper Evident Linear Sticker Labeler Equipment Packing Packaging Labeller / Labeling Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Automatic Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Packaging Material


Labeling Speed
30-50 Meter/Min


1 Kw

Label Outer Diameter
300 mm

Label Inner Diameter
76 mm

+/- 1 mm

Max. Label Width
200 mm

Max. Label Length
500 mm

Max. Container Height
400 mm

Product Clamping Device

Product Mould

Transport Package
Plane, Ship, Train

L1500xW650xH1600 (mm)



HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description


Product Description

Over 90% of the mechanical components are fabricated in Shallpack’s workshop to guarantee the labeling accuracy and machine lifespan.

Labeling machines look alike, what are the main difference of the machines? The 2 key factors are :
1. Component accuracy. If the accuracy of the components are not good due to the poor QC management control and the outdated fabrication tools, the labeling result and the lifespan of the labelers will be affected.
2. The design of the machine strucutre. If the structure is too complicated, the machine will not be stable in a long term. So the simpler the structure is, the stabler the machine is.
Shallpack uses most updated Mazark CNC center to fabricate the key components of the labelers in our workshop to guarantee the component accuracy. Shallpack lablers are takes less spance. And thanks to its over 25 year experience on labeling solutions, Shallpack labelers consumes less electricy because of its simple but stable structure. It is easy to use Shallpack labelers over 10 years under proper maintenance.

Company Profile

Hello, nice to meet you! Shallpack is proud to make a brief introduction to the world:
Over 90% of the mechanical components are fabricated in Shallpack’s workshop regardless of the expensive rent and labor cost, just in order to guarantee the labeling accuracy and machine stableness.
Shallpack provides linear and rotary pressure sensitive labelers and rotary OPP labelers.
Pressure sensitive labelers:
1. The 1st Chinese company to develop and fabricate the 1st linear double side pressure sensitive labeling machine in 1996. We sell over 100 double side labeling machine per year.
2. The 1st Chinese company to develop and fabricate the 1st rotary pressure sensitive labeling machine in 2009.
3. The 1st Chinese company to develop and fabricate the fastest rotary pressure sensitive double side labeling machine at 60,000 BPH in 2016.
4. Patented solo axis for rotary labeler in China, so while changing the bottle designs (deferent height), operation on the HMI is sufficient. No manual operation on the machine is required. It is efficient and accurate.
5. Patented scratch-free infeed system made in 6 mm thick well polished SUS does not make scratch on the bottles and is durable, not like nylon screw which needs to be replaced every 1 year.
Shallpack OPP labelers help you save money by: 
1. consuming less energy. Take 18,000 BPH for instance, it consumes only about 10 KW.
2. 1 knife= 4 knives. The 4 edges of Shallpack knife can be used for cutting. When 1 edge is worn, just need to change to another edge of the knife. No need to change to another knife. This helps to reduce the management cost.
3. Patented solo axis for rotary labeler in China, so while changing the bottle designs (deferent height), operation on the HMI is sufficient. No manual operation on the machine is required. It is efficient and accurate.
4. Patented scratch-free infeed system made in 6 mm thick well polished SUS does not make scratch on the bottles and is durable, not like nylon screw which needs to be replaced every 1 year.

Our Advantages

-90%+of the mechanical components are fabricated in Shallpack’s workshop regardless of the expensive rent and labor cost, just in order to guarantee the labeling accuracy and machine stableness.

Labeling station:
6 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station.
Rapid adjustment without requiring any tool.
– Horizontal movement for minor adjustment.
– Double press-roller design to increase the label tension,
 good for peeling extra-thin labels and avoids label breaking.
– New labeling clutch to stablize the label tension for smooth
 operation, 3point label adjustment device stablizes the label
– Special frame for the label peeling panel, easy to adjust.
Aligning unit:
 Special aligning unit assures precise positioning of the containers
for highly accurate labeling.
Connected with the top pressing belt, the synchronization does not
require any adjustment.
Belt pressing device (optional):
Driven by Panasonic motor, label pressing by wide flexible rubber
belt, suitable for 3 or 4 side label pressing for Square/Rectangle
/Round bottles.
No bubble or wrinkle
-The labeled containers pass through label pressing panel, passive
sponge rollers, and active sponge rollers, to make sure there is no
bubble or wrinkle on the labels.
Optional: Round container labeling device:
 Driven by Panasonic motor, speed adjustment with inverter, patented design of pneumatic 3 roller structure for accurate labeling without bubble or wrinkle. Special design does not require container container separating device, allowing the system to be more simple and efficient.

Product Parameters
# Item Brand
1 Human interface WEINVIEW/SIEMENS
2 Servo Motor YASKAWA
3 Servo driver YASKAWA
4 Motor for conveyor Wanshsin
5 Motor for bottle separating unit PANASONIC
6 Gear box PANASONIC
7 Motor for aligning unit PANASONIC
8 Motor for active sponge roller PANASONIC
10 Inverter DANFOSS
11 Label sensor SICK/LION
12 Container sensor KYENESE
13 Switching Mode Power Supply MW
14 Load switch SCHNEIDER
15 Emergency switch SCHNEIDER
16 Air switch SCHNEIDER
17 Contactor EATON
  1. – Why do you say your machines help gain money?

– Firstly, to replace manual labor, you gain money in a long run under the condition that the machines you bought are stable. Shallpack labeling machines can easily run over 10 years under proper maintenance. Secondly, our labeling machines consume less energy thanks to our simple structure, compared with the other labeling machines in the market. Thirdly, because of our simple structure, you will need to stock less spare parts in your warehouse.

       2. – What are Shallpack’s advantages?

– Our expertise and focus on labeling solutions since 1996 makes Shallpack R&D and machine stability stand out from our competitors. We are after simple structure with accurate components. The simpler the structure is, the less space the machine takes, the less energy it consumes and the more stable it is. Shallpack does not copy, but develop what is required in the market and have made milestones in the labeling industry: 1st linear labeler in China in 1996, 1st rotary labeler in China in 2009, the fastest labeler in China in 2016…over 10 technical patents…Shallpack owns good reputation in Chinese labeling industry and will be your ideal choice.
Below is the comments from our agent.

      3. – Is it possible to provide installation guidance and operation training at distance?

– Yes, detailed manual and training videos with English subtitles will be available. And we provide free online guidance to answer your questions with videos and photos. Our machine structure is simple and the operation will be simple too. Over 20 customers have successfully installed and run the machines with our support at distance. And this will free of charge.

     4. – Do you have parts in stock to respond in a short time to the after-sales requirements?

– Parts to each machine model are available in our warehouse. They have passed 100% QC and have been stocked in the warehouse for fabrication and after-sales purposes. So we will be able to respond to your demand within 1 working day.

Feel free to let me know if you have further questions.

Packaging & Shipping

Standard package for exportation.