Tyb Series Light Fuel Oil Filtration Machine

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ZHONGNENG TYB Series Diesel Filtration Machine Fuel Oil Cleaning System Light Fuel Oil Purifier  


TYB Series Coalescence Separation Oil Purifier is specially designed for purifying light oil, fuel oil etc., Which can effectively remove water from oil, improve oil performance and cleanness, ensure safety operation of equipment that use fuel oil or light oil.

This machine is very suitable for processing fuel oil and light oil which contains high percentage water, besides it is designed as trailer type, thus portable and convenient for operation. 

This filter element is special for removing the impurity and water from the oil. It adopts the special fibre materials which can dewater. It is very suitable for removing mass water from the oil (it can purify the oil which water content is 30%). 

There are two kinds filter elements, one is Coalescer filter element which mainly congregate the water molecule, making the water molecule to a liguid water, then the separator filter element separate the liquid water from the oil. 


1. TYB series oil purifier adopts special coalescence-separation filter, which offering much more higher water removing efficiency than other types of purifiers.

2. Without vacuum heating and high-speed centrifugation.

3. As no heating is needed, the additives in the oil are well prevented from degradation or deterioration.

4. Reduce water content to less than 100 PPM or less. 

5. Remove particles, improve oil cleanness to NAS 6 or better.

6. Trolley type, easy to move and operate in workshop.

7. Low operation cost, 20  40% lower than vacuum purifiercentrifugal purifier and filter press.

8. Explosion proof type is available.

9. Flow rate 600 – 6000 Liters/hr, allowing for you to choose the most suitable model for your application.


Parameters Unit TYB10 TYB20 TYB 30 TYB 50 TYB 80 TYB 100 TYB200 TYB300
Flow rate L/min 10 20 30 50 80 100 200 300
Working pressure MPa 0.3
Working noise dB(A) 65-75
Running hours without malfunction H 4000
Continuous running hours H 150
Water content Ppm 100
Cleanliness NAS1638 6
Power KW 0.75 0.75 0.75 2.2 2.2 3 3.5 3.8
Size mm 700*570*
800*600*1200 850*650*
Weight Kg 80 90 105 135 150 185 200 230


This machine adopt the coalescence separation filter.
The coalescence filter is processed by a variety of composite materials with a special technology, It has the hydrophilic properties. It can not only filter mechanical impurities, but also can separate the emulsified water from the media by breaking, coalescing. It can coalesce into larger droplets to further the purification medium. Oil, water and other liquid droplets are captured by the microfiber in the coalescer, these micron fibers form a tortuous path for the air flow, forcing the solid particles and liquid droplets are captured by microfiber in the inertial impaction, interception and diffusion direct interception,so the surface tension of liquid droplets coalesce into larger droplets due to gravity, and settle to the bottom of the container


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Our products line are as following: 

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1.1. Series ZY: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil purifier

1.2. Series ZY-A: Zhongneng Vacuum insulation oil automation purifier
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1.4. Series ZYD: Zhongneng Double-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier; 
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1.6. Series ZYD-M: Zhongneng Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purification Plant, Oil Recycling; 
2. Turbine oil purifier; 
2.1. Series TY: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil purifier; 
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3. Lubricating oil purifier; 
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3.2. Series TYC: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier; 
4. Engine oil purifier Series LYE: Zhongneng engine oil purifier; 
5. Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier Series TYB: Zhongneng diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier; 
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7. Muti-Functional oil purifying machine Series ZYB: Zhongneng Muti-Functional oil purifying machine
8. Oil purifier specially for Hydraulic oil and Lubricating oil Series TYA: Zhongneng oil purifier. 9. PL Plate pressure oil purifier
10. JL Portable oil purifying
11. TYD Water oil separator, oil purifier machine
12. EFD Explosion Protection Purifier
13. Automatic insulating oil tester/BDV Tester

After-sales Services

1.One year guarantee for product quality. (People damaged parts are charged).
2.Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
3.Free design of fixtures as customers required.
4.Free training for machines installation and operation of the staffs.



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