Transformer Insulation Paper Tube Hot Adhesive Machine

Basic Info.

Bonding Surface Width

Compaction Method
Hydraulic Pressure (System Pressure: 12MPa)

Transport Package
Standard Packing

Thickness 2~8mm



Production Capacity
10 Sets / Month

Product Description

Short Description:

Paperboard Hot Gluing Machine is a special equipment for the transformer insulation board, after milling and rounding, to glue the lap joint inclined surface, heat and press to bond into insulation paper tube.So that the thick cardboard tube adhesive always in the uniform state of hot pressing, to ensure the bonding quality, shorten the bonding time.

Product details:

Equipment composition for hot pressing bonding machine:

The hot pressing bonding machine consists of the upper pressing roller (upper pressing plate), the lower pressing plate, the oil cylinder, the frame, the thermal oil heater temperature control system.

Main technical parameters for Paperboard Hot Gluing Machine:

(1) Thickness of bonded insulated cardboard tube: 2~8mm

(2) Diameter of bonded insulated cardboard tube: 250-3500mm

(3) Height of bonded insulated cardboard tube: 1500~4000mm

(4) Heating temperature: adjustable from 50ºC to 150ºC

(5) Temperature control accuracy: ±2ºC

(6) Heating element: Electric heating (thermal oil)

(7) Bonding surface width: 150mm (can be designed according to customer requirements)

(8) Compaction method: Hydraulic pressure (system pressure: 12Mpa)