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Small scale sausage production line :

1.Meat mincing: Pork, beef, and garlic are respectively twisted with a 6MM orifice meat grinder. Because beef meat is stronger than pork, it needs to be twisted twice. The ridges are cut into 1 cm squares and immersed twice in hot water at 90 degrees, then cooled down to 14 degrees with cold water.
2.Stuffing: Mix the pork meat and beef with the auxiliary ingredients, pour into the mixing machine, stir the cake for 8 minutes, and add 22 kg of ice water. Then add starch slurry (Note: starch is diluted with 7 kg of water), garlic, diced meat and mix well.
3.Filling: Fill the meat into the eight-way pig casing, twitching 18-22 cm. Use a sewing needle to deflate, wear a rod, a hanger, and spray with cold water.
4.Baking: Push the car to the oven and bake it with a hardwood fire. Control the temperature to 78 degrees and bake for about 40 minutes. Allow the intestines to dry.
5.Cooking: Steam with 84 degrees steam for 40 minutes.
6.Smoking: firstly use wood chips to bake, control the temperature to 78 degrees, bake for about 60 minutes, until the intestines are bright, press the wood chips, close the furnace door, smoke for 10 hours to be released.
7.Vacuum packing: The vacuum installed machine can automatically extract the air inside the packaging bag and complete the sealing after reaching the predetermined vacuum. Vacuum packaging machines are often used in the food industry because after vacuum packaging, foods can be resistant to oxidation, and later can be equipped with high-temperature sterilization pots, etc., which can extend the shelf life of the intestines.

The sausage machine is simply divided into a gear sausage machine, a hydraulic sausage machine, a vacuum sausage machine, etc.

Gear sausage machine: 
Hygienic high reliability small equipment, widely used in food processing laboratories, college food engineering laboratories, school canteens, and catering industry.
This machine is suitable for filling all kinds of sausage, red sausage, sausage, sausage, and paste, block ham meat products, soy products. The biggest advantage of this machine is the use of large gears, large power, and can be filled with large meat ham. This unit is easy to operate.

Hydraulic sausage filling machine
The hydraulic sausage filling machine is an essential equipment for processing sausage products. It can process large, medium and small sausage products of various specifications. The hopper, valve, enema tube and machine outer packaging are made of high quality stainless steel.

  1. Made of SUS304 high quality food grade stainless steel, it is reliable and durable, easy to clean and meets food safety requirements. The hydraulic oil does not heat during work and the filling speed is adjustable.
  2. This hydraulic enema machine can process large, medium and small sausage products of various specifications. It is suitable for the filling of animal casings, protein casings and plastic casings. Especially for the dry stuffing, it is better than other sausages. The upper part of the machine is provided with a storage hopper and a disc-shaped valve, which can realize continuous filling without covering the lid, thereby improving work efficiency.
  3. With double mouth filling, it can work at the same time for 2 people, with high efficiency and stable product quality;
  4.  Change the filling nozzle at any time to change the product specifications to meet different specifications.


Model HGC-1000 HGC-500
Hopper volume 160L 80L
Voltage 220/380 V 220/380 V
Power 1.5kW 1.1kW
Capacity 1500 kg/h 800 kg/h
Weight 580 kg 260 kg
Dimension 1500*1500*1050(mm) 1200*800*1050(mm)

Vacuum sausage filling machine

  1. The filling process is completed under vacuum, effectively preventing fat oxidation, avoiding protein hydrolysis, reducing the survival of bacteria, effectively ensuring the shelf life of the product and the bright color of the product, and having a good taste; it is a high-end in the filling machinery at home and abroad. product.
  2. The machine can be equipped with automatic and automatic twisting device and automatic cable tying device, which can be filled separately or automatically twisted and tied natural casing, protein casing, collagen casing, etc.
  3. The step-by-step control of the meterless pump can be adjusted to suit the casing of different materials and prevent the casing from being broken;
  4. The machine can be equipped with a convenient automatic kink device, which can automatically kink natural casing, protein casing, collagen casing, etc. The filling speed is 0-500time/min, and the fixed length distributor can realize ultra-high-speed fixed-length kink. Stainless steel hydraulic sausage filling machine
  5. The quantitative range is from 5g to 99999g, the error of the normal product is not more than ± 2g (400g), and the normal block product is not more than ± 5g (400g).
  6.  It can be connected with the double card machine to complete the automatic production of filling-punching.
  7. The key components are manufactured by imported materials through the processing center to ensure the precision of machine manufacturing. The pump body, impeller and blade adopt special heat treatment process, stainless steel hydraulic sausage machine. The sausage sausage enema machine has high finish and good wear resistance, ensuring quantitative accuracy and easy to clean.
  8. The motor, reducer, vacuum pump and electrical components all adopt imported famous brand products, and the vacuum degree can reach -0.1Mpa.
  9. It can be equipped with high-speed fixed length controller and automatic sausage machine.