Super Three- Rolls Calender Paper Pressing Machine of Extrusion

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Calender machines


Calender machines are one of our specialties. These robust machines combine extremely high compression capability with precision. We are one of the leading machine manufacturers in the demanding high-energy/power battery industry for a reason: Our machines perform.

Our machines are also used for plastics processing, PTFE, filtration media, and paper processing. Typical calender machine functions are material compression and surface finish.

We offer a standalone or can integrate with an existing production line. Sizes range from small tabletop to high-speed, full-automation production. Multi-roll configurations are also available. Experienced engineers can custom-design your machine.

We can make 2 rolls, 3rolls and 4 rolls; Φ250-Φ800mm; I type, r type, L type and s type calenders.


*Rolls are made of chilled cast iron of vanadium and titanium alloy,it is hard and anti-wear.
*For heating up or cool down, rolls are either circumferentially drilled or centrally bored so as to make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface
*Machine is driven by DC motor with a wide range of speed adjustment Working linear speeds can be steplessly regulated within the fixed range for different applications
*the Rolls can be arranged in L and I forms,it is equipped with lubrication failure alarm device, as well as nip display and speed display
*Top roll has camber that can eliminate bending impact on the roll in working process
*When an emergent accident occurs, calendar will be immediately stopped to open the roll space so as to protect the operator and equipment


* Body frame: Welded into shape, after annealing, overall processed through precise machine tool, high rigidity, not easy becoming deformed, smooth, wear-resisting.
*Base: Welded base, after annealing and machining, high rigidity, won’t deform easily.

2  Rolls and Bearing Group

   (1) Roll Structure: hollow smooth rolls
   (2) Material: Alloy cold harden cast iron LTH-H
   (3)  Hardness:68-72HSD
   (4) Cold Harden Layer:10-25mm
   (5) Main Bearing: cylindrical roller bearings (Wafangdian Metallurgy Bearing)
   (6)Bearing seats adopts cast iron (FC30), made from tempering handling. Excellent intensity and     precision, together with lubrication oil holes. The bearing seats are made of aluminum with labyrinth ring oil seals to keep from oil leaking of inside and outside.
  (7)Rolls nip has max. nip protecting function.
  (8)Rolls temperature adjusting adopts high quality revolving joint and stainless metal pipe.

3 Nip Adjustment Device

  (1) Adjusting Speed:3.6mm/min
  (2) Motor Driving Power:1.5KW

4 Drive Mode

Adopts: driving motor reducer→stick coupler→driving gears →rolls rotating.

5 Reducer

(1)Type:one motor input, one pc shaft output.
(2)Gears: Hard gear surface, closed oil immersed harden gear surface reducer. Noise≤78dB,safety factor:SA≥2.

6. Main Motor

Main motor adopts inverter motor, through frequency converter adjusting motor rotating speed.

7 Lubrication System

(1) Bearing Lubrication: the whole system contains a oil tank, including flow adjustment, oil table, cooler, filter and so on. It is to control the oil flow, cut down lubricating oil temperature and keep the oil clean.
(2) Thin oil lubricating pipes.

8 Stop guider group

2.8.1 Mode:axial moving type
2.8.2 This part adopts high quality SS41 steel welding, contact parts with the roller using MC nylon products, manual axial movement to adjust the spacing

9 Emergency braking equipment

2.9.1 Mode: Electro-hydraulic block brake.
2.9.2 Brake Capability: After braking roller skating for≤ 1/4 circumference.
2.9.3 Tight setting button installing equipment: in the left and right, front and back installed with mushroom mode tight buttons.

10 Electrical control group

2.10.1 Control cabinet: Surface paint floor type.
2.10.2 Operating Box: Operation control circuit.
2.10.3 Before leaving factory, manufacturer is responsible for connecting all the wires from controlling box to operation box, the useronly needs to connect the outside wire to the controlling box.


These rubber calendar Machine are mainly used to process rubber sheet, adhibit rubber, rub rubber etc,they are applied to put rubber on fabric, canvas or other fabrics to rubberize fabrics or to make rubber sheets

Excellent Serve:

1.Machine Inspection  

We warmly welcome the customer to come our factory to inspect the  production line before delivery . The machines only be delivered when the you accept the quality of the machines and the product.

2.Installation and Training    

Once we finalize the production and delivery,we will assign 1-3 professional engineers both in mechanical and electrical parts to the buyer’s factory for installation and samples test . And the engineers will also train some skilled workers for buyer. The seller will explain, operate and analyse in theory on the spot until the customer can operate the equipment himself. The customer can consult with the seller at any moment if they don’t understand.