Solar Machine with Solar Welding Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Stainless Steel ; Gavalized Steel

Tank Diameter

Compressed Air Pressure

Tank Length

Production Line
Non Pressure Water Tank &Pressure Water Tank

Revers Height

Transport Package


China, Zhejiang

HS Code

Production Capacity
100-1000 Sets/Day

Product Description

Welding Machine with Pneumatic Pulses Welding Machine 

1. Multi-functional automatic discharge, leveling, count length, shearing lamination unit(sheet)
1. Model:LPJZ-001
2.Rated voltage:380V
3. Rated Power:8KW
4.Processing plate thickness(mm):0.31-0.5
5. Processing plate Width(mm):0-1200
6. Shear length range: Adjustable
7.Leveling Accuracy(Mpa):1-2mm
8.Shear length and precision:0.5mm/M
Use delta PLC control system and servo motor drive, electric part is the CHNT electric, pneumatic element is AIRTAC. The electric part warranty period is one year.


2. High precision shearing machine
1.shearing material:4*3200mm
2.shearing material :≤2.5mm
3.Rated power:7.5KVA
4.Rated voltage:380VAC 50HZ
5.Net weight:4600KG

3. Moving work table- CNC punch press feed system
1. adopt Taiwan sets of high precision servo motor and PLC programming, touch screen.
2. the deep throat 16T punch grinder.
3. the ball screw, guide the Taiwan won, punching spacing stepless is adjustable
4. working mesa longitudinal effective length is 3200mm, transverse effective length is 1250mm.
5. CNC moving workbench rated power: 2KW
6. a panel of the brush
7. the mesa is equipped with two clip materials pneumatic head.
8. punching spacing accumulative total control error in 1mm inside.
9. rack with steel plate tailor-welded and into.
10. the pneumatic components manufactured by the guest’s brand.

4. Automatic tig welding machine- open type
1.Barrel diameter:310-800mm
2.Workpiece thickness:0.31-0.5mm
3.Maximum barrel length:L=2500mm
4.Material: stainless steelgavalized steel 

5. Hose nipper machine (linear rail)
1.Tank diameter: 310-800 mm
2.The thickness of work piece: ≤2.5mm
3.Materials: stainless steel , galvanized steel

6. Hydraulic bending machine
1. type:WC67Y-100/3200
2. Nomal force:1000KN
3. work table height:3200mm
4. Distance between the pillar:2490mm
5. deep throat:250mm
6. ram stroke:100mm

7. Pneumatic automatic outer tank sewing machine -open type
1. Tank diameter:310-600mm
2. Working thickness:≤2.5 mm
3. Maximum working length:L=3000mm
4. Material :pearl plate,aluminizing zinc,stainless steel,Fluorine titanium plate etc

8. Automatic tank edge teething machine
1. Cylinder diameter : diameter 310-600mm
2. Working thickness: ≤2.5mm
3. The maximum cylinder length: L=3000mm
4.Grooving groove radius of ≤1.5mm(special specification like custom)
5. Material : pearl plate, galvanized, stainless steel , titanium ,etc…

9. Automatic leakage checking machine
1. tank diameter: 310-600mm
2. workpiece thickness: ≤2.5mm
3. max tank length: L=3000mm
4. Rated voltage : 220VAC 50HZ
5. Rated power:1.5KVA
6. Compressed air: 0.45Mpa

10. Automatic three kun rolling machine
2.workpiece thickness:δ≤2.5mm
3. maximum barrel length: L=3000mm
4.Material :stainless steel,galvanized steel
5.Rated voltage:380VAC 50HZ
6.Rated power:5.5KVA
7.Compressed air pressure :0.45Mpa
8. Electric part warranty period one year.
9.Pneumatic element: pneumatic element made by AIRTAC
11. Air pressure automatic inner tank strength machine
1.Barrel diameter: 310-800mm
2.Workpiece thickness:0.31-0.5mm
3.Maximum barrel length:L=2500mm
4.Rated voltage:380VAC 50HZ
5.Material :stainless steel,gavalized steel
12. Air pressure automatic inner tank flanging machine
1.Rated voltage:380VAC 50HZ
2.Barrel diameter:310-600mm
3.Workpiece thickness:0.31-0.5mm
4.Maximum barrel length:L=1500mm
5.Revers height≤8mm
6.Material :stainless steel,gavalized steel
13. Air pressure tank tube flatting machine
1.Tank diameter:310-600mm
2.Working thickness:≤2.5mm
3.Maximum working length:L=3000mm
4. Rated voltage:380VAC 50HZ
5.Material :pearl plate,aluminizing zinc,stainless steel,Fluorine titanium plate etc

14. Pneumatic pulses welding machine
2.rated capacity:35KVA
3.secondary voltage adjustable range:2.0V-3.8V
4.Rated duty cycle:75%
5.The maximum welding thickness:0.31-0.5mm
6.Welding speed:Continuous adjustable stepless
7.Compressed air pressure(Mpa):0.45
8.Electric part warranty period one year.
9.Pneumatic element:pneumatic element made by AIRTAC
10.The device automatic turning etc characteristic
15. Puf machine
1. Ratio of raw material: 1:1 fixed
2. Viscosity range of raw materials: 200-1000CPS(under the operation temperature)
3. Output quantity of raw materials: 4-8 Kg/min
4. Operating temperature: 0ºC-65ºC
5. Cleaning style of spray gun: high-pressure mechanical cleaning
6. Drive mode: hydraulic drive
7. Maximum system pressure: 21Mpa
8. Working hydraulic pressure: 6-8Mpa
9. Power: three phase 380V 50HZ 20A
10. Power of raw material heater: 1250Wx2
11. Length of heating and insulation pipe: 8000mm
12. Overall dimension: 8000mmx800mmx1200mm
13. Shipping weight: 260kg
16. Pneumatic automatic locking machine
1.Cylinder diameter :diameter 310-600mm
2.Working thickness:0.31-0.5mm
3.The maximum cylinder length:L=3000mm
4.Grooving groove radius of ≤1.5mm(special specification like custom)
5.Material : pearl plate, galvanized, stainless steel , titanium ,etc…
17. Automatic packing and cleaning line
1. Voltage/power:380V  50/60HZ  1.2KW
2. Package size:W100-800*H30-570mm
3. Tie up speed:2.2sec/Strap
4. PP ribbon width:9-14 mm
5. Weight :280kg                       
6. Over dimension:1900*650*1750 mm
7. Electric parts ,CHNT
8. Maintenance time : one year
9. Pneumatic components is AIRTAC