Servo Intelligent Die Casting Cutting Oil Press

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12 Months

High Quality
Quality Assurance

Energy Saving
Energy Saving and High Efficiency

Servo Intelligence and High Precision

Reliable and Durable

Reliable and Durable
Humanized Meter Is Easy to Operate

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Packed in Wooden Cases




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Production Capacity
500 Units

Product Description

1. Product Introduction of Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press

Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press is suitable for die casting burr stamping of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. This series of models have humanized design, energy saving and high efficiency, simple operation, small equipment and small floor area. There are universal models, servo models and various styles to choose from. It has reached European and American manufacturing standards. At the same time, we can provide customers with customized mechanical overall solutions according to their production needs. Including supporting equipment, product mould, automatic production line configuration and other services.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press

3. Product Feature of Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press

Jianlong brand Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press is easy to use. It adopts the mother cylinder to change quickly and slowly, with high efficiency. The stroke, pressure and pressing time can be adjusted. In addition, it also has the following advantages:
1. Energy saving and environmental protection: the total power consumption is less than 3.7KW; Low noise, equipment standby noise does not exceed 80 dB.
2. High production efficiency: The operation interface has clear functions, simple operation and fast cutting speed.
3. Steel plate welding structure: The vertical accuracy of the movable plate is controlled by four precision guide sleeves, and the parallel accuracy of any point between the lower working face and the upper working face is less than 0.1mm.
4. Equipped with waste gas purging components: Waste blanking tank is set in the middle of the workbench, which is very convenient for cleaning.
5. Die cutting dead center: It is controlled by pressure switch and position sensor.
6. Control mode: With automatic counting function, set manual and semi-automatic control modes. Manually, the die can be pressed and stopped within any stroke range.
7. Easy to operate: The pressure, stroke, punching speed, blowing time and clamping height can be adjusted by customers.
8. Hydraulic system configuration: Built in at the bottom of the oil tank, clean and stable appearance. There are casters and foot cups under the watch, which is portable.

4. Product Application of Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press

Common products that can be produced by Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press include:
1) Burr cutting of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy die casting;
2) Embossing, forming, shallow stretching and setting of metal or non-metal parts;
3) Burr cutting, forming and pressing of electronic and electrical parts.

5. The Factory of Jianlong (Shenzhen) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Jianlong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Jianlong (Shenzhen) Industrial Co., Ltd., which is founded in 2010, covering an area of 2300 square meters, and specializing in non-standard hydraulic press, machine tool equipment design and manufacturing.

Our main products: Four-column double-action drawing machine, three-way forging extruder, jigsaw hydraulic press, servo hydraulic press, forging press, cold forging press, hot forging press, powder compacting presses, counter weight trimming machine, hydraulic engineering machinery hydraulic presses, die-casting trimming machine, frame machine, hydraulic press for sheet metal plastic, bow machine stamping, hydraulic punch, stamping oil press etc.

Implementing ISO9001, CE and service quality management standards, Jianlong’s hydraulic machinery has been exported to more than 10 countries including the United States, Russia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Mexico and so on.

Jianlong Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press is sheet metal machine bring you these advantages:
Choose Jianlong brand Servo intelligent die casting cutting oil press can suppress high quality products, energy saving, high efficiency, a machine with these advantages.
1). Oil temperature is guaranteed: using servo motor the oil temperature can be lower.
2). Operation screen language: English and host language, bilingual operation interface, easy operation.
3). Energy saving:  50% to 70% energy savings.
4). Improve efficiency: It’s easy to change the mold, shorter time to change the mold, improve production capacity.
5). Long service life: It is 3 to 5 years longer than ordinary machines.
6). Safety guarantee: equipped with induction function, automatic alarm and automatic troubleshooting system;
7). Multiple models: Customized hydraulic machinery of different pressures can be made according to different needs.

6. FAQ

Q: How much machine tonnage can you offer?
A: From 5-5000 tons, we can supply machines of different tonnage.

Q: Our machine specifications are different from your documents, can we adjust the specifications?
A: Yes, all the specifications can be adjusted to be satisfied with your requirements. 

Q: What processing can the machine do?
A: We have many different machines for different forging (cold and warm forging), deep drawing, stamping, molding, etc.

Q: Can your machine be connected to robots or other automatic lines?
A: Yes, our machine can connect the robot and the automatic line. If you have this requirement, please inform us in advance.

Q: Is it ok if we have some special requirements, such as machine sliding table, machine heating, long time holding pressure, multi-layer, etc.?
A: Yes, all these requirements are available. If you have any other requirements, please contact us as well. Welcome to order customized machines from our factory. 

Q: What models of machines do you offer?
A: We can provide four column hydraulic press, frame guide construction, servo system, horizontal hydraulic machine.