Semi-Automatic Oblique Arm Screen Printing Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.
ablique screen printer

System Supported

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
100 Piece

Product Description



Item/Model HS-X5070P HS-X6090P HS-X70100P HS-X90120P
Printing station area(mm) 600×800 700×1000 800×1100 1000×1300
Max printing area (mm) 500×700 600×900 700×1000 900×1200
Max screen frames size(mm) 800×1000 9000×1100 1000×1250 1200×1450
printing thickness 0-20mm 0-20mm 0-20mm 0-20mm
Worktable adjust(mm) ±10mm ±10mm ±10mm ±10mm
Repeat printing accuracy(mm) ±0.04mm ±0.04mm ±0.04mm ±0.04mm
Air pressure 5-7ar 5-7ar 5-7ar 5-7ar
Air consumption 35L/min 35L/min 35L/min 35L/min
Power supply 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V
Power 2.5Kw 2.5Kw 2.5Kw 2.5Kw
Printing speed(pcs/hour) 900-1150 900-1100 900-1050 750-950
external dimension of machine(mm) 1500x950x1670 1600x1050x1670 1600x1130x1670 1750x1200x1800
Weight 400kg 450kg 500kg 550kg



Machine Fittings:                
1. Single chip microcomputer;
2. Taiwan Frequency conversion Motor;
3. Taiwan Frequency conversion controlling system;
4. Omron Relay and Schneider AC contactor;
5. HWL Magnetic induction sensor, Airtac Pneumatic Component.



This Clam-shell Precision Screen Printing Machine is widely used in the packaging industry (such as the packages of cigarettes, wine, gift, cosmetic, etc), the printing of brand, calendar, oil painting, keyboard, New Year pictures, transfer papers, pressure-sensitive adhesive, Non-woven bag and credit card.

1. Designed with its structure equipped with both power-driven and air-powered devices;
2. The printing operation and lifting transmission are under the control of the imported variable automatic system, and the complete machine is characterized by uniformity of operation.
3. Its printing plate is cast with aluminum alloy, Stainless steel sheet of 2mm in thickness is adhered to the surface of the printing plate, and the printing plate may be smooth, even, and free from distortion;
4. In addition, it is provided with coordinate vacuum device and automatic air-intake function, ensuring still more easy and accurate printing plate alignment.                                                                                                                                      
5. Slide rail adopts linear guide rail made in Germany, Free of attrition wear. Transmission gear is equipped with imported timing belt and it is characterized by free actuation and adjustable speed.
6. Pressure of squeegee blade and in returning blade are adjustable and may be separately manipulated, and adjustment up to 45 degrees is allowed as well
7. It is equipped with safe bounce-back function, ensuring safety in operation it is also provided with automatic synchronous screen-departure function, and this may avoid the scrumming of printed materials effectively.