Roller Shutters Making Machinery

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Product Description

Model JLM-5500
Equipment dimensions: length 5.5 m, width 0.7 m height 1.4 m
Motor: 5.5KW
Number of forming rows: 14 rows
Middle plate thickness: 18mm
Equipment underframe 200mm channel steel shelf
Transmission: gear transmission
Oil pump: 5.5KW hydraulic pump station
Shaft: 50mm diameter solid shaft
Plate thickness: 0.8–1.2mm (galvanized)
Wheel material: bearing steel surface is plated with hard chrome, finely polished
Feeding part: platform feeding, ordinary rack supporting raw materials
Shearing: hydraulic shearing, blade material Cr12mov, servo tracking and non-stop cutting
Electric control box: PLC XINJIE brand, inverter Guangzhou Sanjing Display page in Chinese and English
Output speed: (PLC inverter control) adjustable speed is about 15 meters per minute, stop and cut off
Forming part: Roll forming system consists of frame, transmission parts and cold-formed forming roller set. It is divided into precision wheel rotation forming, which has a good forming effect, reduces the friction between the wheel and the raw material, and is convenient and quick to debug.
Work flow: (feeding blanks) loading rack–guided feeding–rolling forming–fixed length cutting–the finished product is out of the board, manually fix the workpiece, manually roll up, enter the PLC operation page–press "start" "Button-the plate automatically enters-starts according to the set program-cuts off automatically after reaching the set size, the automatic platen forming of this equipment is completed.
Feeding guide platform: The left and right guides are set at the feed port of the host. When working, the two sides of the raw material plate enter the host through the left and right guides, so that the raw material plate and the roll forming system maintain the correct position.

Electric control system: PLC control, frequency conversion speed regulation, can realize the automatic production of the whole machine. Can set batches, workpiece length, quantity, etc. Operation mode: Input screen + button. Encoder counting, with counting and length counting functions.
Hydraulic system: use external independent hydraulic station (provide power for cutting)
Maximum error: The host has many molding rows, stable performance, and the maximum length error is ±1mm
Note: Grid voltage fluctuation: ≤±10%
Power supply input: Three-phase 380V50/60HZ, at least 1 meter away from the wall and other obstructions
Duration: 25 days (from the date of receipt of the deposit) 12 months warranty