Red Kidney Bean Soybean Mung Bean Polishing Machine

Basic Info.

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Production Capacity
500 Set/Year

Product Description

               Red kidney bean soybean mung bean cleaning polishing machine
1. Introduction of Soybean mung bean cleaning polishing machine (5PJ-5)
The bean polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of beans, such as red bean, mung bean, soybean etc. Soybean mung bean cleaning polishing machine(5PJ-5) Can remove surface dust and mud in the of beans, after that beans will be shine and smooth, also enhance the bean’s grade and market price.

2. Main configuration and feature of Seed Polishing Machine (5PJ-5)
Seed Polishing Machine (5PJ-5) is composed by inlet, main body, sieve, outlet, cyclone dust separator and so on. Seed Polishing Machine (5PJ-5) has one spindle which made from cotton fabric and can be high speed rotate, that can wipe And remove the surface dust, it has many devantage such as easy to use, high efficiency, simple structure, safe, Reliable, etc.
3. Operation of Seed Polishing Machine (5PJ-5)
Connect power wires, and then check the direction of motor rotation is same or not same with directionarrow
Which is printed on the motor, if not please change the power wires.
NOTE: Before you running the material, please full up the inlet by your material, and during the
Operating please keep the inlet full, otherwise the broken rate will be increase. Make sure the
Material flow out from the outlet before you stop the machine, otherwise is easy to break your
Motor in next time you running the machine.

       Model     Capacity(KG)     Power(KW)      Dimension          Weight        Remark
       5PJ-5          5000          3.75   2000*600*1300          250  
       5PJ-3          3000          6.25   3000*700*1500          450