Puli Pl-1201it Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Tire Changer Machine Economical Automatic Car Workshop Tire Changer Machine for Sale

Basic Info.

Model NO.
PL-1201IT machine Tire Changer




Automatic Car Tire Changer Machine

External Clamping

Internal Clamping

Max.Wheel Diameter
1000mm (39")

Max.Wheel Width
355mm (14")

Optional Power Supply
110V (1pH)/ 220V (1/3pH)/380V(3pH)

Transport Package
Export Standard Packing Tire Changer

960*760*800mm (3.1*2.5*2.6ft)



HS Code

Production Capacity
1500 Pieces/Month

Product Description


Product Code: PL-1201IT Semi-automatic Swing Arm Tire Changer

Semi-automatic swing arm tire changer machine for wheels with a rim from 12" to 24" (max. tire diameter 1000 mm./39", max. tire width 355mm./14"). Suggested for low-mid volume shops, garages and repair shops.

U201A tire changer machine represents the Unite entry-level solution, suggested for low-mid volume shops, garages and repair shops. Simplicity is the strong point of this model, which combines solid and reliable design, Unite experience and classic well known operating mode.


1. Central turntable with 24" clamping size.

2. Adopt rugged & durable one-piece casting jaws

3. An adjustable pressing shovel helps to press tire with less effort. 

Model PL-1201IT Tire Changer
Working pressure 8-10bar(116-145psi)
Optional power supply  110v(1ph)/220v(1/3ph)/380v(3ph)
Optional motor power  0.55/0.75/1.1kw
Max. wheel diameter 39"(1000mm)
Max. wheel width 14"(355mm)
Outside clamping 10"-21"
Noise level <75db
N/G weight 200/222kg(440/488.4lbs)
Package size(L*W*H):   960*760*800mm(3.1*2.5*2.6ft)
Warranty 1 year

1.The existing tyre changer motor is 220V, how to operate if we want to replace it with 380V motor?

ANSWER:We need to replace the 220V motor with 380V motor, also the power cord(line) needs to be replaced. The connection of the switch needs to be adjusted, then the connection can be made according to the correct connection method.

2.Why appears the phenomenon that the bead breaker blade presses tyre weakly?

ANSWER: Firstly, check whether the working pressure of the machine reaches 8-10bar. If it doesn’t reach enough pressure numerical value, the bead breaker blade will press tyre weakly. If the pressure is sufficient, check if there is air leakage in the bead breaker cylinder.

3.What about the noise when the machine is running?

ANSWER: Firstly, we need to find out where the noise comes from. Generally, there will be motor noise and gear box noise. Then, check it if there is still noise when running the motor without belt, it is the noise of the motor itself. Otherwise, it is the gear box noise.

4.How to adjust it when appear the phenomenon that the demounting head scratches the rim during we are removing the tyre.

ANSWER: Firstly, we should adjust the angle of the demounting head to align the middle line of the demounting tail with the rim edge. If the angle of the demounting head is appropriate, observe whether there is a large shape variable on the column or hex bar when the tyre is under pressure. If there is, we should replace the corresponding parts.

5.What’s kind of oil in the oil cup of water distributor?

ANSWER: They are # 20 machine oil, air gun oil, sewing machine oil, transformer oil, etc.

6.How to adjust the working pressure of the machine?

ANSWER: Lift the button of the pressure regulating valve on the air regulator assembly up, then turn clockwise to increase the pressure or turn counterclockwise to decrease the pressure, and press the knob down to lock after adjusting to the standard operating pressure.

7.If the pedal cannot return to its position after stepping the pedal, why(what’s the reason)?

ANSWER: Generally, there will be something wrong in the return spring or spring plate on the pedal assembly. We can disassemble the pedal front face to see if there is any damage in the accessory and replace it to solve the problem.

8.Is it feasible if we want to operate 24 inch tires with the existing 885A series machine?

ANSWER: It is recommended to upgrade to a 22-inch inner adjustable round turntable with three position adjustable and a clamping range of 9-26 inches.

9.Are there measures to protect the rim from being scratched by clamping claws?

ANSWER: The jaw protector cover can be installed on the jaw to protect the rim.

10.The bead breaker blade pressing tyres will scratch the rim, is there a good protection method?

ANSWER: We can install the protective cover on the bead breaker blade to effectively protect the rim from scratches when pressing tyres.

11.Is there any change in the size of the tyre remover after the tyre changer is equipped with motorcycle adapter?

ANSWER: If the tyre changer is equipped with motorcycle adapter, it can reduce 2 inches or increase 3 inches on the basis of the normal external clamping range. For example, the normal external clamping range is 10-20 inches, if the tyre changer is equipped with motorcycle adapter, the clamping range is 8-23 inches.

12.How to connect the motor when replacing the 220V motor?

ANSWER: Power lines connect with1,3; Motor lines: Z1 connects with 7, Z2 connects with 11, U1connects with 8, U2connects with2

13.How to connect the motor when replacing the 380V motor?

ANSWER: Power lines connect with 1,5,9;Motor lines connect with 2,6,8.

14.If we want to improve the operating speed, is it feasible to replace the motor with a double-speed motor?

ANSWER: The plan is feasible. However, some models are limited by the size of the box and cannot replace the double-speed motor.

15.The tyre is not clamped tightly on the turntable and skidded when it is demounting and loaded.

ANSWER: Firstly, check the appearance of the clamping claw. If the tip on the back of the clamping claw is badly worn, the tyre will not be hold up tightly. In addition, small cylinder channeling or air leakage will also cause support clamping.