Peanut Oil Processing Machine

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China Henan Province

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10000 Sets Per Year

Product Description

peanut oil processing machine

I.  The whole view of peanut oil processing machine

  • Processing Capacity :        5TPD To 1000TPD 
  • Suitable Raw Materials:    peanut and groundnut seed 
II. The description of peanut oil processing machine

The pretreatment part of peanut oil processing machine

  1. Main machines of the pretreatment part
  • sheller 
  • Bucket Elevator 
  • Magnetic selector
  • Cleaning sieve
  • De-stoner 
  • screw conveyor
  • crusher 
  • screw conveyor
  • Flaking machine
  • Multi-layer steam cooker
  •  oil press
  • Oil residue scraper
  • Automatic oil clarification tank
  • Filter 
2. The process flow

3.Pretreatment part features
1.Less conveyors,less elevator and screw conveyor. When process can reduce the failure rate.  
2.Higher automatic control,
3.Dust removal system design is reasonable, the discharge air is in accordance with the state environmental protection requirements.
4.Parts of the fans adopt variable frequency regulation, reduce the power consumption.

The Refinery part of peanut oil processing machine
1.Main machines  

  • Neutralization tank
  • Bleaching pot 
  • Deodorization pot 
2. Refinery process flow


3. The advantage of the refinery part
1.Higher mechanization, continuous production, labor saving, saving processing costs
2.More energy-saving equipment configuration, saving steam consumption, saving processing costs
3.All the equipments adopt automatic welding technology, one welding is completed, the equipment design structure is reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

 4.The finished product quality of peanut oil processing machine

No. Item Grade 1st groundnut oil
1 Color   Light yellow to orange            
2 transparency   Clear and transparent
2 Smell and taste:             It has the inherent smell and taste of crude peanut oil
3 moisture and volatile matter(%)    ≤0.05
4 insoluble impurities (%)        ≤0.05
5 peroxide value(mmol/kg)      ≤5.0
6 smoke point(280ºC)               No precipitate, no change in oil color
7 Solvent residue(mg/g)        not detectable
8 Acid value in KOH(mg/g)    ≤0.2



III. The successful cases of peanut oil processing machine
IV .Company information

Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd, – International Leading Manufacturing Expert of Grain and Oil Machines.It is located in the Industry cluster of Huaxian, Henan Province which covering 100, 000.00and have more than 580 staffs. We are a large-scale grain and oil equipment production enterprise which specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing, installation. Since now we have got 22 items national patents, 6 international prizes, etc. Our equipment  have got ISO9001, SGS, CE, IAF and CNAS certifications. Also we have been exported to Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, etc. All of our members will try our best to help you build a powerful and most suitable plant to save your costs.

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