Lifted Head Rotary Head Sewing Template Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Needle Number
Single Needle

Stitch Type
Lock Type

Sewing Range

2 Times


Single Phase 220V

Air Pressure
0.5MPa 1.71/Min

Sacvenging Device
Standard Configuration

Standard Configuration

Transport Package
Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description


  1. Jeehe Rotary And Independent-driving Pattern Sewing Machine: The products have a huge sewing area with a standard size of 1200mm long x 900 mm wide, which can also be customized according to usersneeds;
  2. 7-inch LCD touch widescreen operation panel is adopted with network interface in standard configuration and USB interface so that data input and output to various memory/storage (FD, SM, CF, SD card, etc.) can be realized through U disk or memory card reader;
  3. Independent drive structure design is adopted for the machine head and machine tool for both to operate closely at a controlled rotation angle of 0.05 °. With the machine tool and machine head of independent drive, rotation error can be significantly reduced so that perfect sewing can be realized in all sewing areas.
  5. With the 360-degree free rotation machine head, standard and aesthetic stitches can be easily realized.
  6. The sewing speed can be flexibly adjusted, which is normally: 2800 revolutions per minute;
  7. With fast mold changing device: press frame or clamp frame functions are optional, which can be freely selected according to customersorders;
  8. With the chip scanning sensor function, it can quickly recognize and synchronously switch templates with computer program;
  9. With automatic start-stop switch, pause/continue function can be realized in the sewing process.
  10. With automatic refueling system in the rotating shuttle is equipped with a large rotating shuttle with double volume to reduce rotating shuttle replacement frequency, thus improving work efficiency;

Automatic refueling rotating shuttle is adopted for oil supply by the oil pump to enhance convenience for users and durability of the machine.

  1. With pressure foot adjustment structure, slight pressure foot height can be adjusted by the motor to realize stable sewing operation by moving the pressure foot upward or downward at the time of segment gap sewing.
  2. With upper thread breaking detection device, thread supply and breaking can be induced through metal copper sheet to automatically stop sewing operation and alarm the operator;
  3. The product is widely applied to sewing operations for all kinds of clothing and bags, shoes, home textiles, sofa, car accessories, home textiles, leisure goods such as down feather and ton-padded jacket.


  1.  (Jeehe) elevation type extended-arm rotary pattern machine series with independent drive.
  2. The machine head of the model series head can realize upward and downward lifting sewing to sew thin, medium and thick sewing materials while ensuring free operation space to facilitate diversified sewing operations for materials of different thickness;
  3. The sewing area can also be customized according to usersneeds with standard network interface and USB interface. The normal sewing speed is 2800 revolutions per minute.
  4. It can satisfy sewing requirements of various thin, medium and thick materials so that range of sewing application is wider.