High Speed Metal Coil Slitting Line Slitter Machine Slitter Rewinder CE

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Product Description

Product Description


High speed metal coil slitting machine is a lengthway cutting line for devide the metal
coil into several strips. First,slitting line will uncoil the coil with a decoiler, then cut the
metal sheet longitudinal.Next, the tension stand can separating the steel coil to adapt
he recoiler.That can make the steel coil has back pull power.In the end, the strips can
be recoil into the recoiler system.

High speed metal coil slitting machine work process
From right to left are:
Loading coil→Decoiler →Press and pinch device→Side guide device→Slitting system
and scrap winder →Looper →Tension stand →Recoiler

About our High speed metal coil slitting machine
It is restricted to cutting relatively thin metal materials and then to narrow strips for easy using.
It can involve both ferrous and nonferrous metals.
Generally requires a high quality production tool to assure consistent quality in controlling metal width.
Slitting blades are designed depending on the job required. By the spacer adjustment, and cutting balde
adjustment, you can make small thin coil.

Product Parameters

Raw material:GI/ carbon steel     
Material thickness: 0.25-2 mm(as your request)     
Coil weight: ≤ 10 Tons     
Coil width: 500-1500 mm

Usage: Support the coil and the hydrulic drives it expand and shrink.Loading the coil actively.      
Work type: Hydrulic      
Loading capapcity: 10 Tons
Component: Base, break system, main shaft, machine frame, diagonal bracing type expand and shrink system,
hydrulic oil pump, motor, press coil system,etc.

Electric press and pinch device      
Usage: Clamping the metal sheet and feeding to the slitting system.      
Component: Base, casting vertical structure, sliding block, press shaft (2 pcs), cluth, cycloid gear reducer
motor (3 KW),etc.

Slitting system      
Usage: It equpment guiding device in each side and feeding wipe brush, to finished strips and prevent
them from jumping and improve the slitting precision.      
The slitting system has active shear and pull shear and can swich them meet all of precision requirement
with different thickness.There is also have scrap winder device.      
Cutter shaft diameter: Φ 150 mm      
Cutter shaft material: 40 Cr with tempering treatment      
Cutter material: 9CrSi      
Slitting precision: ≤±0.05 mm

Usage: Because the slitting quantity is too many,there will happen strips don’t on a Level.The melt pit is necessary.
Tension stand        
Usage: Separating the steel coil to adapt the recoiler.That can make the steel coil has back pull power.

Recoiler system        
Usage: It cooperates with the finis