Good Quality Semi Automatic Tire Changer Machine for Repair

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Power Source

Simple Disassembly





Product Name
Tyre Service Equipmnt Tire Changing Machine

Working Pressure

Outside Clamping

Inside Clamping

Max. Wheel Width

Max. Wheel Diameter
1040mm (41")

Bead Breaker Force

Customized Color Acceptable

Machine Weight
N.W:245kg G.W:270kg

Optional Specifications 1
Optional Different Kinds of Front Cover

Optional Specifications 2
Optional Different Kinds of Pneumatic Locking

Optional Specifications 3
Optional Different Kinds of Inflation Gun

Optional Extra Accessory1
Motorcycle Adaptor

Optional Extra Accessory2
Bead Blaster Function

Optional Extra Accessory3
Leverless System

Transport Package



Yingkou, Liaoning, China

HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

1. The triangle shape 10mm thickness connecting plate provides strong hold and support to helper arm
2. Multi-function helper arm has drop center tool, two travelling bead press rollers
3. The travel stroke of helper arm is increased so it can easily handle large and wide tires
4. The locking pin is reinforced for reliability and long service life
5. The swing arm is made of 60*100 strong square metal tube the distance between hex shaft and sleeve can be decreased to avoid rim damage or scratch
6. The travelling bead press roller arm can be locked in three different positions
7. High-strength nylon rollers slope at scientific 25 degrees for best tire performance
8. The triangle structure tower base is stable and robust
9. The working table spacers are safe to operator and durable in use. The ensure the jaws move smoothly in the long run
10. The jaws are made of high-quality carbon steel, permitting internal and external clamping, allowing inch movement for precise rim clamping
11. Equipped with galvanized, double-operating cylinders, providing powerful grip and long service life
12. Powerful side-mount bead breaker the toughest beads. Adjustable blade offers multi-angle tire capacity
13. High quality Filter-regulator(FRL) safeguards pneumatic components
14. Conveniently-placed foot pedals that give you precise control over every step of the changing process
15. Scientifically-arranged components

YuanMech Product List For Tire Changing Machine
  Model Working Truntable Leverless Hook Device Helper Arm Bead Blaster Function
Series Model No. 19" 20" 22" 24" Leverless Left Helper Arm Upper Double Cylinder Helper Upper Single Left Helper Upper Single Right Helper Two Point Pressure Three Point Pressure IT
Swing Arm Type Tire Changing Machine MC951                          
C953 C953 19"                      
C955 C955     22"                  
C9551     22"     Left Helper Arm            
C9552     22"       Upper Double Cylinder Helper          
C9552L     22"         Upper Single Left Helper        
C9552R     22"           Upper Single Right Helper      
C956         24"                
Tilt Back Arm Type Tire Changing Machine C957 C957     22"                  
C9572     22"             Two Point Pressure Right Helper    
C9573     22"               Three Point Pressure Right Helper  
C9572S     22"   Leverless         Two Point Pressure Right Helper    
C9573S     22"   Leverless           Three Point Pressure Right Helper  
C958 C958       24"                
C9582       24"           Two Point Pressure Right Helper    
C9583       24"             Three Point Pressure Right Helper  
C9582S       24" Leverless         Two Point Pressure Right Helper    
C9583S       24" Leverless           Three Point Pressure Right Helper  


1. What are regular maintenance need to be done on tire changer in order to have a long service life?
Periodically drain the water in FRL, add oil in FRL so it can protect pneumatic components. Regularly tighten the bolts and screws on working table. Also check mechanical play or clearance on demounting head, hex bar… Check the belt tension.
(Please contact us if you have more questions on this topic)
2. When working table doesn’t turn, how to determine if the problem comes from gearbox, motor or switch?
Disconnect belt and see if the motor can run properly. If not, test the motor itself to see clockwise rotation and anti-clockwise rotation. If motor running properly then the problem is the switch.
We have trouble shooting in details, please contact us for more information.
3. When working table doesn’t have needed power to clamp the rim, how to trouble shooting if the problem comes from table cylinder, turning air distributor or pedal valve?
When the cylinder not strong enough, there could be air leaking. The leaking could be on the covers or internal piston. There is a systematic method to trouble shoot, please contact us if you are interested in how to trouble shoot.