Factory Supply Automatic Insole Mobile Phone Case Screen Printing Machine

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1 Color Semi Auto Roraty Flat Silk Screen Printing Machine for cosmetic Lid/Cover/Plastic barrels
Technical parameter:

Model GS-350P/4R   Integration of Precision ≤0.04mm
max printing area 550*650mm Air pressure 4,0~6,0 kfg/s,q
size of printing table 250*350mm Rated voltage/Power 380V/50HZ /3,2KW
max size of screen frame 280*380mm Dimension 1950*2100*1700MM
Max printing speed 1100(PCS/H) Gross weight 400(KG)

1.   PLC + touch screen edit program behavior,  the control panel is clear and clear, the operation is simple, and the       display is in Chinese and English.
2.   Automatic 4-digit counter; clearly display current output.
3.   Full cast aluminum body with metal paint on the surface;
4.   Double column lifting structure, stable and high precision;
5.   Pneumatic screen washing device; simple and convenient, no need to manually lift the printing head, one button          screen washing.
6.   The left and right travel is adjustable, and the limit of Taiwan Yangming photoelectric switch;
7.   The angle of scraper / ink returning knife can be adjusted arbitrarily;
8.   Scraper constant pressure device to ensure stable pressure in printing;
9.   The worktable is right, front and rear, left and right, and the rotation angle is fine tuned;
10. The mesh frame can be adjusted from front to back, left and right, horizontally and vertically;
11.  Suction stainless steel table to absorb various film products;
12.  Taiwan oil buffer is equipped at the top, bottom, left and right to effectively eliminate printing vibration;
13.  The whole machine runs fast and stably with low noise;
14.  Action mode selection: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual;
15.  Operation mode: panel pedal switch; two operation modes,
16.  Scraper pressure control: constant pressure of pressure regulating valve;
17.  Workstation:8 stations
18.  Left and right driving mode: pneumatic;
 19.  Max Printing size with 4 workstations:150 * 300mm
 20 . The machine runs fast and smoothly with low noise.

Machine Description
The machine is special designed for flat products logo or text printing, it is with high speed and automation.   introduction
Precision screen printer adopts microcomputer-based single-chip control system with full-cast aluminum body, which is small and light, but with high precision.    It’s mainly suitable for printing all kinds of small flat products, any flat material, such as glass, paper, wood, plastic, paper, cut pieces, etc.