Dry Type and Wet Type Extruding Machine for Floating Fish Feed Production

Basic Info.

Model NO.

Pellet Mill Type
Screw Granulator

Bulking Machine Type
Sigle Screw Bulking Machine

Expanding Method
Dry Expansion


Applicable Materials Shape

1 Year


380V or Customer Require




Output Feed Size

Feed Floating Time
More Than 24 Hours

Feed Shape
Round or Oval

Machine Color
as Requirement

Transport Package
Ply Wooden Case




HS Code

Production Capacity
500 Sets/Month

Product Description

 Dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production
Detailed introduction of dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production
1. floating fish feed pellet machine , also known as fish feed extruder,  is used to process various kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, crab, catfish, shrimps, etc.
2. This fish feed machine has gained popularity in fish farmers.
3. This machine is suitable for small and medium aquatic farm or feed pellets processing factory.
4. Compared with buying fish feed, making your own fish feed pellets by the floating fish feed extruder machine is really cost effective.
5. Aquaculture feed pellets have wonderful taste and high nutrition.
6. The size of pellet aquaculture feed made by this floating fish feed extruder can be adjusted according to your need.

Features of dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production.
1. Novel design, high output and stable performance.
2. Main parts are made of special alloy material after heat treatment.
3. High wear resistant degree and long service time.
4. This dry type floating fish feed pellet machine is suitable for small fish feed plant and professional farmers.
5. Final processed aquatic feed pellets have unique taste and high nutritious.
6. Low energy cost, high capacity, easy to maintain.
7. Diameters and shapes of fish pellets can be adjusted by choosing different molds.
8. Salmonellas and bacterial infections can be killed by high temperature and high pressure process.
9. Feed pellets produced by this floating fish feed pellet machine of puffing type, thus making it more easily to digest for fishes.

Specification of dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production

Model Capacity Main power Feeding power Screw diameter Cutting power
DGP50 60-80kg/h 11kw 0.4kw φ50mm 0.4kw
DGP60 100-150kg/h 15kw 0.4kw φ60mm 0.4kw
DGP70 180-250kg/h 18.5kw 0.4kw φ70mm 0.4kw
DGP80 300-350kg/h 22kw 0.4kw φ80mm 0.6kw
DGP90 400-450kg/h 37kw 0.4kw φ90mm 1.5kw
DGP120 0.5-0.7t/h 55kw 0.4kw φ120mm 2.2kw
DGP135 0.8-1.0t/h 75kw 0.4kw φ133mm 2.2kw
DGP160 1.2-1.5t/h 90kw 0.75-1.1kw φ155mm 3.0kw
DGP200 1.8-2.0t/h 132kw 1.5kw φ195mm 3.0-4.0kw


floating fish feed pellet line process:


No. Process Machine Description
1 Crushing  Crusher/Hammer mill To crush the raw materials such as grains into flour/powder
2 Mixing Mixer To mix different flour materials together and evenly
3 Extruding and pelleting Fish Feed Extruder To make fish feed pellet, the material is processed by high temperature and pressure and pelletized into round pellets, suitable for feeding fish, we could produce both floating fish feed and sinking fish feed.
4 Drying Dryer To dry the fish feed pellets coming from the extruder
5 Cooling Contraflow Cooler To cool the fish feed pellets, the fish feed pellets could be stored for a long time.
6 Flavoring Rotary flavoring machine  To seasoning the fish feed, spray oil and other liquid additives on the surface of fish feed pellets, make the feed more delicious.
7 Packaging Automatic Packaging machine To pack fish feed pellets into bags, easy for store, transportation and for sale in the market.

Packing and shipping
1. Packing is in export wooden case packing or in bulk according to the size of the dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production
2. we will make the floating fish feed pellet machine as quickly as possible after the cusomer playing the order, also with high capacity. we will track the shipping for customer whenever they need.

Our Services
1. We will give detailed introduction of the dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production according to the client capacity requirement.
2. Share any information about the dry type and wet type extruding machine for floating fish feed production that the clients need, like detaield pictures, video,etc
3. Design floating fish feed pellet line for client.
4. Help the clients to do suitable floating fish feed formulation.
5. Give detailed instruction manual and video to help the client operate the floating fish feed pellet machine.

Company information
We specialize in researching, developing, producing and marketing top quality feed related machines-crusher, mixer, feed extruder, dryer, cooler, oil coater and packing machine. We can design turnkey pet food and fish feed production line and animal feed production line for customer.


Q: How long does the floating fish feed float on the water surface? A: It can float more than 24 hours. While the floating time can be adjusted when the pellets are extruded.
Q: Does the floating fish feed pellet machine can only make feed pellets for fish? A: It can make feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, prawns, crabs, cat, dog, etc
Q: What size of pellet can be made by your machine? A: based on the diameter of the die moulds. We can customized die moulds with diameter of 0.9-15mm.
Q: Do you supply the floating fish feed production line? A: We can supply a floating fish feed product line include feed hammer mill, powder mixer, fish feed pellet extruder, feed pellet dryer, fish feed pellet cooler, feed pellet weighing and packing machine. The capacity is from 60-5000kg/h.
Q: Is there a formula of making the floating and sinking fish feed pellet ? A: We can offer free formula for different feed pellets to our customers.

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