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                                      Large Size Insulating Glass Prodution Line
1.1. Brief introduction of insulating glass
production line for max. glass size: 2850*6000mm

This Vertical Insulating glass machine is composed of 1) loading section, 2) washing and drying section, 3) transmission and storage section, 4) light inspection and spacer bar attaching section, 5) press into insulating glass section 6)storage and unloading section. With special design, it can wash Low-E glass effectively with high speed.
This line is controlled by PLC and realizes the automatic control and frequency control of the motor speed of the whole line. It adopts advanced assembly technique and solves the problems of uneven press and misplacement of the glass. The assembly section adopts limit switch and cylinder tank whose travel distance can be adjusted, making the operation easy and the location precise and the movement reliable.
There are two operation methods in the control panel ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’. If the separate operation of each section or maintenance is needed, the ‘manual’ operation method is needed.

  1. Three pair of brushes import from USA, DuPont brand. Which is well known for its fine quality and durable in use. They can wash Low-E glass.
  2.  Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass.
  3. Adopt waterproof bearing without oil lubricant, SKF brand import from Sweden.
  4.  The washing body adopt stainless steel and anti-rusting materials.
  5. The PLC and other electric elements adopt Schneider brand, import from France.

1.2 Performance characteristic:
1) Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass, indicated by alarm.
2) Static state put glass when add glass material, ensure safety in production.
3) The washing machine adopts stainless steel and other corrosion resistant material, good waterproof, security, clean, and long service life. Equipped with sponge roller, which makes the washing and drying more efficiency.
4) Three pair of brushes, one pair with hard brushes which can keep away from the glass when wash Low-glass; while the other two pair is soft brushes, which can wash Low-E glass and won’t break the coating.
5) Can process 3~28mm thickness glass, with wide using range.
6) It can process same edge double layers and triple layers insulating glass with high efficiency.
7) The bearing take famous brand SKF, which smooth with oil-less powder. In this case it will keep water free from oil and keep water clean.
8) Adopt low-voltage electric apparatus component, the sensor, PLC, whole process automatically control machinery.
9) Treat the surface of plate guard through baking, powder coated. Appearance is beautiful and wears well.
10) The dry part use circulation hot wind that ensure the dry effect for glass and reduce the noise.
11) The press section can be opened in large journey to maximum 500mm, easy to maintenance.
12) PLC control system with touch screen interface. Easy to operate and automatically self-diagnosis the fault of the production line.
13) Glass position memory function, can easily and quickly deal with the inconvenience caused by errors, improve the production efficiency.
1.3 Insulating Glass Production Line Technical Data and Specification

Model LBP2850C
Max processing glass size 2850*6000mm
Min processing glass size 450*200mm
Single glass thickness 3-28mm
Cleanout speed 3-10m/min
Work speed 15-45m/min
Power supply 3P. 380V/50Hz
Total power 51.35Kw (include heater 10Kw)
Total weight 15000Kg
Outline Dimension 29500*2500*4050mm

1.4 Insulating Glass Production Machine Function and features

                                                              Section 1 Glass Loading Section

Low-E glass automatic diagnosis system. The back board is high quality Aosong board through the NC machining and wheel combination, makes it beautiful and durable.
It is the first section of the line and its main function is to transmit the glass to the washing and drying section. The transmission is carried out by chains driven by the motor and the transmission speed is stable. It runs at the same speed of the washing and drying section and the speed can be changed by the inverter. It can avoid the back board bending and deformation, waterproof and anti-acid.
                                                         Section 2 Glass Washing and Drying Machine

Strong points
a. The water in the washing tank, you’d better use the purified water.
b. Mechanical adjustment wind of knife, without any manual operation. According to the thickness of the glass, mechanical detection and adjustment of the wind knife.
c. 15kw fan, two pairs of wind knife with muffling equipment and enough wind pipes, to lower the noise and realize the wind uniform and rapid drying.
d. All the posts(brush post and wind knife posts and others) are installed onto the upper bracket. The bottom board is a complete piece of stainless steel board. without any joint point and drilling hole. So the washing section have no chance to leak.
e. The screw holes of the fixed brush are all strip shaped. The positions of the brushes can be adjusted according to needs. After the brushes have been shortened for a long time using, the distance between two pieces of brushes in each pair of brush can be adjusted. So that the bushes can be used for a longer time. Otherwise, you have to change the brushes.(The life of each brush is different. If you polish the edge after cutting, the brushes using life can be longer, if not polish, the brushes are easy to be cut)
f. The brush wiper is more convenient to use and not need to soak in advance. The effect of water scraping is better.
Water tank is fixed at the bottom of the washing body. There are two 1.8KW heater in the water tank. If the water in your area is not available, it is better to soften the water with our Water Purifier. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the glass, please ensure the cleanliness of the water in the tank. If there is oil on the surface of the glass, you’d better use treated water.
The front cabinet and back plate of the washing and drying section are made of high quality stainless steel. The front cabinet is bending from a whole piece of stainless steel plate (with powder spraying), No Welding, so that it is durable and not deform-able. Stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials are used in the contact parts with waterproof. The high pressure fan and the sealed sound absorbing material and the circulation air device not only reduce two times of pollution, but also reduce energy consumption and noise, and ensure the best cleaning effect and service life for a long time.
1) Washing part: This part has three pairs of soft brushes (the material is high -temperature nylon wire ) and two pairs of sponge roller. The brushes are driven by three synchronous motors separately and the movement is stable. Three pairs of tubular rollers type of hair brushes, use High Temperature Resistant and soft nature hair brush, effective protection of the coating glass especially the LOW-E glass layer stratification. There are five pairs of rollers in washing box, it can make the glass move smoothly.
2) Drying part: this part is also made of stainless steel. The air enters into the air knife from the top. The distance between the air knife and the glass should be adjusted according to the thickness of the glass in order to guarantee the drying effect. Air passage adopts the most advanced design and increase the drying speed and productivity. There are two pairs of wind knife. The angle of the wind knife changed automatically when the thickness of glass changed. This make sure the glass is dry. The bearing take famous brand SKF, which smooth with oil-less powder. In this case it will keep water free from oil and keep water clean.
                                                 Section 3  Spacer Bar Positioning Section
This section is used to inspect the washing and drying quality of the glass. The lights are put together with  the crossbeam and the back board is painted. It is easy to check the washing and drying effect.

We have made a new adjustment to this section, using an entry design. If the hard objects is hard to be cleaned on the glass face near the machine, the worker can get into the machine to remove the hard surface.
The workers can install the aluminum frame in this section.
1) The photoelectric switch is mounted on the crossbeam to automatically induce the height of the glass.
2) Two pieces of crossbeam, better positioning the glass and the spacer.
3) An entry box is provided on the back. In processing of big size laminated insulating glass, this design is very practical. Because the laminated glass often attached some hard dirt, it’s not easy to clean off with the machine. That needs the workers to clean the hard dirt by manual. If the dirt is on the inside, the workers can go into the entry box to clean them by manual.
Energy saving, intermittent automatic work
When the glass runs to the end of the light inspection section, the brush and water pump stop working, the fan valve is closed, the engine is idling, and the power is reduced to the lowest. After the glass finishing assembly, the brush, the pump and the fan automatically resume normal work.
Rational design of aluminum strip positioning
After the glass is stopped and positioned at the end of the spacer bar positioning section, then begin to locate the spacer. The spacer side positioning and lower side positioning are manual and step-less adjustable. Mark by scale, easy to adjust. When the other glass is automatically assembly, the spacer bar can be placed in the spacer location section, which greatly reduces the average production time of each piece of insulating glass and improves the production efficiency.

                                                                  Section 4 Transmission and Assembly Section
This section is used to transmission and store the glass to improve the work efficiency

The red wheel is controlled by Airtac cylinder, and they can easily push the glass tightly together.
The sensor can easily know the glass position and stop at right place when glass coming from the light and spacer bar location section.
There is a glass detection device on the crossbeam, which always stops at the position of 10cm above the glass, and does not have to go up and down once every time, greatly improving the assembly speed. Second pieces of glass are located accurately. It is completed by the manipulator, without pushing and positioning by manual, and the automatic assembly is realized.
                                                           Section 5 Press into Insulating Glass Section

The press board is controlled by the servo motor and roller shaft screw. The servo motor accurately
calculate the distances of the glass, and then press the board smoothly through the roller shaft screw at uniform speed.(instead of pressure and hydraulic regulation).
The back board of the Press section with double support, While ensuring the good effect of press, the service life of this section is increased.
In this section, the front cabinet is bending from a whole piece of steel plate(with powder spraying), No Welding, so that it is durable and not deformable. The back plate board is high Aosong density board with film, which is waterproof, non-deformation, and durable.
When the length of the glass is larger than the length of the flat press section, two times of compression can be carried out.
Adopts imported high quality vacuum generator, it can keep pressure more than 0.8Mpa, and also can automatically adjust the sucker’s power, avoid glass falling down. (Inside assembly function is optional.).
                                                Section 6 Insulating Glass Transition and Storage Section
This section is used to transmit and store the glass to improve the work efficiency

The details of the imported parts for the insulating glass production line

Name Country Brand
Photoelectric switch USA BANNER
Optical fiber switch Japan KEYE
Selection switch France SCHNEIDER
Push-button switch France SCHNEIDER
Indicating lamp France SCHNEIDER
Foot switch CN&USA joint venture CHINT
Micro switch Taiwan TEND
Hot protection France SCHNEIDER
AC Contact device France SCHNEIDER
PLC Taiwan Delta
Transducer Taiwan Delta
Air switch France SCHNEIDER
Switching power supply France SCHNEIDER
Touch screen Taiwan Delta
Intermediate relay Taiwan Delta
Temperature control meter Taiwan Delta
Transmit motor China Hengshui
Hydraulic valve Taiwan YUTIEN
Vacuum Sucker Korea YSC
Limit switch USA BANNER
Bearing for brushes Sweden SKF
Circuit breaker France SCHNEIDER
Magnetic valve

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