Customized 100 Ton Steel Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

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100 Ton, 200 Ton, 315 Ton, 500 Ton, 630ton, 800ton

Shandong Woda Heavy Machinery Co, .Ltd.

Sheet Metal Forming, Powder Material Molding

Stamping, Molding, Forming, Cold Press, Drawing,

Metal Tensile, Punching, Rummaged, Cold Extrusion

Main Size
Worktable:Bmm Opening Height 1000mm

Wholesale Hydraulic Press Machine 200 Ton Price

Four Columns Hydraulic Pressing Machine

45# Steel

Transport Package
Plywood Outside/Plastic Inside Shipping



China Shandong Province

HS Code

Production Capacity
300 Set/Month

Product Description

customized 100 ton steel forming hydraulic press machine

Super custom:
With the user’s needs continue to improve the hydraulic press machine manufacturer design, accumulated experience, to achieve perfect custom.

Ultra quiet:
Pressure system to optimize the upgrade, and finally close to perfect, remove your worries.

Do not leak oil:
Precision mechanical combination, the perfect overall cooperation.

Super solid:
Fine materials, patiently repeated processing, fully craft support to ensure the strength of the hydraulic press machine manufacturer structure

Ultra High Pressure:
The heat & cold machine manufacturer pressure output is stable and the stamina is sufficient.

Super performance:
Compared to the product hydraulic press machine manufacturer itself, super low price, high cost.


The overall hydraulic press machine structure

Including fixed pressure process two molding methods,
The CE heat & cold process hydraulic press machine manufacturer core electrical components using Schneider brand,
And divided into general purpose, fast, additional speed, three specifications,
heat & cold machine manufacturer Body parts are always export-standard configuration.

Hydraulic cylinder with plunger pump, GB seals, the cylinder block 45 # forged steel, 45 # bar piston rod surface hardening, chrome plating.
Constant power pump hydraulic pump variable, long life and low noise.
Hydraulic pipe cold drawn seamless steel pipe, diameter flange connection to eliminate oil spills.
CE heat & cold process hydraulic press machine manufacturer Voltage using three-phase four-wire system, control panel 24V safety voltage.

YQ32.three beam four column hydraulic press Usage:

1.Auto parts:
automobile body covering parts, braking, fuel tanks, chassis, axle case , bumper.
2. Household appliances:
washing machine , TV, refrigerator ,air conditioning, rice cooker and other parts .
sink ,tea set and  Other kinds of containers .

YQ32.three beam four column hydraulic press function:

used in metal tensile,punching,rummaged,cold extrusion and other stamping process,
can also be used for correction ,press-fit.
pressed powder products and plastic molding products and insulation materials molding.

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