Coconut Half Cut Cutting Machine for Getting Coconut Water

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Coconut Cut Half to Get Juice/Water

Virgin Coconut Water Milk Peeling Cut Oil Machine

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2.Product Description

Virgin small coconut water milk peeling extraction half cut shell laser engraving cutting machine

As everyone knows, is the fruit of the coconut palm, is a very popular in the tropical fruit, in China Hainan is rich in coconut, mature green coconut in 6 ~ 9 months, more water, coconut, coconut meat is more tender, soft like a jelly; mature period in above 9 the old coconut is on the market generally sell "coconut", is actually a coconut brown stone, on the outside of the nucleus are actually a thick layer of fibers and a hard shell, green. The coconut is the value of their own, Coconut Juice inside the coconut water, very sweet, translucent, cool thirst. A good coconut, has about two glasses of water, contains two tablespoons of sugar, and protein, fat, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals. It is a very nutritious drink. In addition, the inner wall of the nuclear Brown is rich in a lot of coconut, coconut is not only edible, can also be made of copra, coconut milk and other late products, at the same time, after processing, can also extract coconut oil as edible oil or chemical raw materials.            

For the removal of coconut after maturity, the market is generally used by manual or mechanical roller of the outside of a thick layer of fibrous removed, and then use a sharp chisel a hole in the awl brown stone, into the Straw take this to the Coconut Juice, coconut operation the way is not only low efficiency, labor consuming effort of the larger, at the same time, the value of coconut utilization rate is greatly reduced.            

By my company R & D and manufacturing of coconut cut half machine material material part of high quality food grade 304 stainless steel, no impurities and no pollution no other harmful substances, anti corrosion rust resistant to prolong the service life, safe and reliable quality, equipped with a motor for the first brand of motor quality national accreditation, the effective utilization rate of high and low noise. Low power consumption.            

Shanghai Genyond Technology Co.Ltd has been adhering to user needs as the core, in the focus of food machinery design and manufacture. At the same time, to fully absorb and master the world food processing equipment, advanced processing technology experience, to become "food engineering experts" and make unremitting efforts. The company not only provides professional whole line solution, but also establishes a perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system, providing guidance and help for problems and difficulties encountered by customers. Jingjiang Jiali Food Machinery Co., Ltd. will as in the past efforts and pursuit, to actively develop the mentality, with the spirit of the old and new customers at home and abroad to create a win-win cooperation pragmatic!


Product Detail

Virgin small coconut water milk peeling oil extraction half cut shell laser engraving cutting machine
Material SUS304
Usage Coconut Industries
Application Clean / cut
Color As your requirement
Feature Cost-effective
Capacity 1000/H
Name Coconut juice water cutting half cut machine
Product Keywords coconut shell crushing machine



Matters needing attention


First, an overview            

Machine is suitable for the coconut cut in half. The machine has compact design, low noise and convenient use, and it is made of stainless steel as a whole.            


Two, structural features and working principles            

The machine consists of frame, conveying chain, juice bucket, is an important part of slag bucket, dial frame, transmission reducer etc..            

The main principle: artificial coconut on the conveyor chain on the transverse baffle, moving upward by the driving shaft drive, and then dial the frame operation, in the interaction of various transmission part, continue to do rotary motion conveyor chain, and will slowly increase the transmission to the coconut frame the top of the machine, a fixed blade, the blade and the coconut in the interaction force under the action of the dial frame is cut in half. After half cutting, the juice flows into the juice hopper. A row of bar is installed above the juice hopper to prevent the coconut shell from falling into the juice bucket, while the bar bar is at a certain angle. The coconut shell is introduced into the slag bucket by the bar bar.      


Three. Install adjustment, maintenance and maintenance            

1. installation must be reliable and keep the frame level.            

2. before opening the machine, check the screws of each part to be fastened.            

3. before the use of the machine, we should add a grease grease to each bearing, non – pole transmission and once every half a year.            

4. connect the power supply, start the non – pole transmission, check whether the conveyor chain is tightened, if loose, adjust the tensioned wire, and tighten the conveyor belt.            

5. the stones, screws and tools are strictly prohibited to fall into the equipment to prevent falling into the next process.            

6. try running several times, each time not more than 20 minutes, cut off the power supply, re check according to the requirements of the above, confirm that no error, can be added to the trial operation.            

7. regularly lubricate the parts of the machine.            

8. after the shutdown, be sure to clean the whole machine inside and outside, keep clean.




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Coconut cleaning washing cutting cut half juice production processing line


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Virgin small coconut water milk peeling extraction half cut shell laser engraving cutting machine