Clj High Quanlity Rice Polisher Roller Machine Stainless Steel Polishing Roller for Rice Polisher

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Production Capacity
1000 Units /Month

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Rubber roller Character:

1.Elastic stiffness, strong plasticity under the high hardness, moderate grain force, high roughness, low cardamine.
2.Good wear resistance, long using period, 3-4 times of rubber, reduce rollers number and labor intensity, improving equipment utilization.
3.Strong temperature performance, no climate impact, not deformation, soft, anti-tear at high-speed.
4.Health and non-toxic, no pollution to rice and bran, clean, bright white grain of rice, pure color quality.
rice rubber roller Usage:
Rice hulling rubber roller is the main part of rice huller machine,because of speed difference of veer and reversion between two rubber rollers, paddy are torn up by two rubber rollers.In the end, rice grains come out.

1.Handle carefully during the transportation.
2.Store in dry place,away from Acid,Alkali,Salt,oil and dirty,forbidden to put under sun for long time.
3.Take sands away from the paddy,keep paddy dry and cleaning when using the rollers.
4.Two rollers should be at the same level,the space must be equal.
5.The paddy inputting should be keep the blance.
6.Keep the rate of the re-hulling under the limited.
7.Don’t make the machine work for a long time,in case effecting the hulling capacity.
8.The surrounding temperature is better under the 50°C.
9.Change the fast and slow roller at a certain time. 

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