Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Machine Wood Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

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Product Description
 Biomass pellet machine, also known as wood pellet machine or ring mold pellet machine, is a kind of finished product that extrudes biomass material into pellets. Biomass pellet machine is a biomass energy pretreatment equipment. It mainly takes agricultural and forestry processing wastes such as wood chips, straw, rice husks, bark and other biomass as raw materials, and solidifies them into high-density granular fuel through pretreatment and processing. Biomass pellet machine is divided into flat mold biomass pellet machine and circular mold biomass pellet machine.

With the trace of energy and the environment governance, straw fuel (i.e., biofuels) is the use of crops of corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob, cotton, soybean pole, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, tree bark, etc solid waste as raw material, after crushing, pressing, dense, molding, become a small stick solid fuel. Pellet fuel is made of wood chips, straw and other raw materials by pressing roller and ring mold under normal temperature. The density of raw materials is generally about 0.6-0.8, and the particle density after molding is greater than 1.1, which is convenient for transportation and storage. At the same time, its combustion performance is greatly improved, reducing human dependence on petrochemical energy and atmospheric emissions.

Raw materials and final products

The products are ideal fuel to replace kerosene, which saves energy, reduces emissions and adds economic benefits and social benefits.

This type of pellet mill is widely used in the biomass-energy fuels plant, wood processing plant, fertilizer plant,
chemical plant etc. It is ideal pressing and shaping equipment with low investment and high profit.

Biomass pellet machine product features
1. The speed of both ends of the press roller is consistent with that of the grinding disc and the speed of the outer ring, so there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the die, which reduces the resistance, reduces the loss of kinetic energy and extends the service life of the die.
2. Uniform setting of the press roll and smooth operation.
3. Adopt the central pressure regulating structure to adapt to different materials and ensure the pressing effect. The compression molding of wood chips and corn stalks requires great pressure. In the similar pelleting equipment, the roller is the central part of the whole equipment, and the high quality alloy steel is adopted to improve the service life of the roller.
4. The structure template is static and the main shaft drives the press wheel to press materials, which is suitable for pressing straw particles.
5. The aircraft equipped with Ø 2 – Ø 20 multiple aperture mould, to adapt to different materials, to achieve the ideal effect.
6. The mold is upright, feeding vertically, without arching, easy to dissipate heat.
7. The mold is stationary, the press wheel is rotating, the material is centrifugal, and the surrounding is distributed.
8. The mould has two layers, both can be used, high production and energy saving.
9. Independent lubrication, high pressure filtration, clean and smooth.
10. Independent frequency conversion device ensures the forming rate of particles.

Characteristics of biofuels
Molded granular fuel, more than heavy, small in size, resistant to combustion, easy to store and transport. After molding, the density is 1.1-1.5. The calorific value can reach 3,400 ~ 4,800 kilocalories, which is a high volatile solid fuel with low sulfur content.

Fuel Application
The pellet fuel after biomass fuel usage is a new kind of biological energy, it can replace wood, raw coal, oil, liquefied gas and so on, widely used for heating, living stove, hot water boiler, industrial boiler, biomass power plant and so on.

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