5kg-10kg Animal Feeding Mineral Salt Block Making Hydraulic Press Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.

12 Months

Product Name
315t Hydraulic Salt Block Press Machine



Machine Size

Briquetting Machine

Salt Block Weight


Sheep, Cattle, Animal Feed

Motor Brand


Transport Package
Plywood Box or Container

Machine Size



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Production Capacity

Product Description

315 ton hydraulic press machine for animal salt block

Product Description

Parameters YQ32-200 YQ32-315 YQ32-500 YQ32-630 YQ32-800

Nominal Force(KN)

2000 3150 5000 6300 8000
System Pressure(Mpa) 25 25 25 25 25
Max opening distance(mm) 900 1000 1500 1800 1800
Slider effective stroke(mm) 600 600 900 1000 1000
Effective worktable size(mm) -L.RXF.B 800×800 800×800 1400×1400 1500×1500 1500×1500
Nominal force of upper ejection clinder(KN) 400 630 1000 1000 1000
strok of upper ejection cylinder(mm) 220 300 300 350 350
Slider descending speed(mm/s) 100 120 150 150 150
Slider press speed(mm/s) 5-10 8-15 10-22 10-20 10-20
slider return speed(mm/s) 90 90 120 120 120
Salt Block Weight (Kg) 2 2-5 5-10 10-15 15-20

The parameters are for reference only. And specifications depends on the specific situation.

The machine consists of an upper beam, a slide block, a workbench, an upright post, a main cylinder, hydraulic system and electrical system components. The Salt block making hydraulic press machine column uses the high quality 45# forging steel and the surface hardness can reach HRC38-42.The main oil cylinder seals use imported materials to ensure reliable sealing.

Performence Characteristics:

1. The powder forming hydraulic press adopts the unidirectional pressing method of the mold frame floating to make the density of the product uniform, and can realize the fully automatic work from the feeding to the product taking out.

2. The automatic powder forming hydraulic press adopts advanced integrated control of machine, electricity, liquid and gas, driving technology, and special models developed for powder metallurgy, ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic materials, electrical contacts and neighboring industries.

3. Press forming technology and control technology are of international advanced level.

4. The punching buffer, the material feeding, and the moving table can be added according to the needs of the customers.


1. The low-power, high-pressure hydraulic cattle and sheep automatic salt block press machine is a four-column hydraulic press with high pressure and high precision.

2. The hydraulic press machine adopts advanced control of machine, electricity, liquid and gas, and has automatic feeding device and floating pressure to effectively control the molding density of the product.

3. Centralized control by PLC and man-machine interface, and mechanical limit device is installed at the same time to ensure the consistency of products.

4. High precision material for the body of the machine, which is not easily deformed.

5. Hydraulic control with cartridge valve integrated system reduces continuous piping and leaks.

6. It Equipped with oil cooling device.

Pressed Product

The lick salt hydraulic press machine produced by our factory is a kind of hydraulic pressure block machine, the pressure is large, it can be formed once, the density is high, the product appearance of theautomatic hydraulic press machine is clean and beautiful.If customers want to produce products of different specifications, they can customize multiple sets of molds to achieve a multi-purpose goal.

Packaging and shipping

Internal plastic moisture-proof anti-rust packaging, 
External wooden packaging, 
Exclusive container transport.
Delivery Time:
30 days after order 

Company Information

Zhongyou Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise specialized in  developing and producing hydraulic machine tools. 

The company’s main products are four-column hydraulic press machine, frame hydraulic press machine, single-arm hydraulic press machine, etc. 

Each piece of equipment is subjected to multi-step superb processing technology, strict measurement and assembly, quality inspection, mutual inspection, company inspection The means are complete, the testing process is advanced, and the equipment can be sold after being 100% qualified.