4200mm Paper Machine Recycle Waste Paper Recycle Production Line Paper Product Making Machinery

Basic Info.


Raw Material
Waste Carton Paper, Newspaper, Box Paper

120t / 24h

Finished Paper Width


Designed Speed
300 M / Min

Working Speed
160-280 M / Min

Transport Package
1. Fixed All The Movable Parts with Plastic Films.


Friends Machinery


HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

4200mm paper machine recycle waste paper recycle production line paper product making machinery


Technical requirement

Main products Testliner and white top paper
Paper width 110-180g/m
Capacity 150t/d
Net paper width 4200mm
Wire width 4700mm
Working speed 160-280m/min
Design speed 300m/min
Gauge 5300 mm
Roll of dynamic balance G2.5
Cylinder of dynamic balance G4
Batch-off roll of dynamic balance G1.6
Drive mode AC motor variable frequency speed regulation segment drive
Layout of floor Monolayer
Pattern Left hand machine
Banner moisture difference ≤±1%
Banner quantitative difference ≤±1.5%


Brief Introduction

1. Net paper width is 4200mm, is mainly used for making high strength corrugated paper. The paper machine is mainly divided into the following parts: Headbox, Fourdrinier Wire Section, Press Section, Front Dryer Section, Sizing Machine, Back Dryer Section, Reeling Section.

2. Headbox:

Air-cushion headbox, by controlling the gas pressure inside the headbox to control and stabilize the pulping pressure head.

3. Wire Section:

Single fourdrinier wire, the main components: breast roll, forming plate, dehydration board, vacuum box, vacuum couch roll, wire-driving rollers, wire-guiding roll and rack, etc, and equipped with a piece of forming wire.

4. Press Section:

It is divided into 1st press, 2nd press. 1st press is the press with large diameter roll with a vacuum suction roller, equipped with two coating metal rollers, and with upper felt and lower felt; 2nd press is large diameter roll, equipped with two coating metal rollers, and with upper felt and lower felt. 1st press, 2nd press are equipped with leading felt roller and felt suction box. 1st press, 2nd press pressurized way is oil hydraulic cylinder pressure.

5. Front Dryer Section:

Φ1800 dryer cylinder, group drive, each group with dryer wire, wire-guiding roll. Equipped with semi-enclosed gas hood.

6. Beveled Surface Sizing Machine:

Equipped with a surface chrome-plated metal roller, a coating metal roller. The surface sizing press machine pressurized way is corrugated tire pressure.

7. Back Dryer Section:

Φ1800 dryer cylinder, group drive, each group with dryer wire, carrier roll. Equipped with semi-enclosed hood.

8. Reeling Section:

Pneumatic horizontal reeling machine.

Raw material
Use Wheat Straw pulp, Rice Straw, Waste Books Paper, Wood Chips, Waste Paper, Bagasse, Wood pulp board, waste paper to produce Kraft paper, test liner paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper.

Main Equipment

Pulp Making Equipments
High contentration hydrapulper, Vibrating screen, Pressure Screen,Double disc pulp refiner, Pulp pump, Low concertration cleaner,Impeller, High concentration cleaner, High speed washer, Decker thickener, Fiber separator, Rejector separator

Paper Making Equipments
Headbox, Cylinder mold, Cylinder vat, Touch roll, Press roll, Leading roll, Dryer, Sizing machine, Calender machine, Winding machine, Rewinder, Foundation frame

Company Profile 
Qinyang City Friends Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in May, 1990. We are the factory of specializing in the production of paper making machine, pulping equipment and paper processing equipment. These years we committed to the development of high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection new products, service in paper making machinery industry, is a collection of scientific research, production in one of technology enterprise.
More than 20 years, the rapid development of enterprise, Production capability and production level rises ceaselessly, scale of production expands with each passing day, Our products have passed Quality system ISO9001:2000, CE and exported more than 30 countries, such as Russia, India, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Middle East, Africa, and South America etc. Our high quality and our perfect service has reserved consumer’s praise and more orders.

Our Services & Strength
(1) professional engineer team with 30 years experience;
(2) we can supply turn-key solution without any trouble;
(3) we have strict quality control system and ensure there is no unqualified product;
(4) professional installation technician and clear technical training for your workers;
(5) strict recalling system: if any problem of machine, we will recall it and change a new one for free;


Our service
Pre-sale Service
–24 hours phone, email, trade manager online services;
–We will supply the detailed project report, detailed general drawing, detailed flow process design, detailed layout factory drawing for you until meet your requirement;
–we welcome you to come to our paper making machine factory and paper mill factory to have a look and check;
–We will tell you all the necessary cost when set up a paper mill factory;
–We will answer you all the questions within 24 hours;
–We will send you various quality paper samples made by our paper machine for free;
–We can supply turn key-project service.

On-purchase Service
–We will accompany you to check all the equipment made by us, and help you to make the plan of installation;
–We will supply paper machine assembly drawing, the foundation and foundation load diagram, transmission diagram, formal installation drawing, use and installation instructions and a full set of technical data after signing the contract.

After-sales Service
–We will delivery the machine as soon as possible according to your requirement, within 50 days;
–We will send rich practiced experience engineers to you to install and test the machine and train your worker for free;
–We will give you one year guarantee time after the machine can run well;
–After one year, we can guide and help you to maintain the machines;
–Every 2 years, we can help to overhaul the complete machines for free;
–We will send you spare part in lower price.

1. What kind of paper machine your factory produce?
Our factory mainly produce flowing machine:
A. Kraft paper machine which can produce carton box paper, corrugated paper, craft paper, testliner paper, carton board paper etc.
B. Culture paper machine which can produce white paper jumbo roll, include A4, A3 paper, copy paper, printing paper, newspaper, offset paper etc.
C. Toilet Paper Machine which can produce toilet paper, tissue paper jumbo roll
D. Paper processing machine. the jumbo roll paper can be processed all kinds of paper, such as , A4, A3paper, handkerchief paper, towel paper and kitchen using paper

2. Can you make paper mill design for us?
Yes, we have a technician team of 116 engineers and 12 experts with more than 20years experience.

3. How about your machine quality, we are worry about the quality?
FRD is a mature brand in china, more than 30 years manufacuturing experience of different kinds of paper machines. We strictly manufacture and manage according to IOS9001:2008 System, and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard. our paper machine is running well in more than 20 countries. we are gold supplier on alibaba already 5 years.

4. What should I have to know if I want to get the quotation?
a. What kind of raw material you will use(main important)
b. The capacity you want produce per day(main important)
c. The paper weight you require.
d. The paper width you require.

5. Your machine price is high, is there any discount?
We always provide high quality paper machines, we are paying more attention on oversea market, because of communication time after sales, and also it need very long time to send new parts. our paper machines have enough quality standard to make sure the machine can work more than the real warranty period. our marketing style is quality=price and price=quality, the price will be acceptable for our clients and durable for our machines. anyhow, when we will negotiate the price with each other during our meeting in factory, and get a good satisfaction.

6. Could your engineer can teach and train our workers and stay in our factory for long time?
Yes, we have 116 technical installation engineer team, they can train and teach your worker to operate paper machine, but you should pay them salary.